Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quiet and Busy

Quiet and busy. This is the theme of the day. Although I had stuff to do here and there today in the labs, and worked on cleaning a detector which had a space narrower than the ant's eye, but I didn't do much compared to some other days in fact, and I had a nice 2 hours of sleep in my office! YES!

I'm writing this in a hurry just before I leave work in this burning sun and storming dust. I didn't do much translation for 2 days now but I'm trying hard to write more and more in the other story I'm writing in I tried to push myself further to work at home with the paper stuff and the translation, but unfortunately it was hard stuff for me to do since I'm completely out of power and mood and mostly asleep in the afternoons. I guess I need more will power.

Tomorrow is the promised day for my appointment for the ear-cleaning, and since the clinic is closed in the near by center, I have to go to the hospital which I do really hate. I hope no more complications arise since I don't really need more of them... really.

It is nice to wake up and figure out that all what was going on is just a dream. I had an awful dream just few minutes ago while sleeping in the office; It was like if I overslept and the office is locked! Gosh, I don't watch horror movies but yet these stuff must chase me all around!

Well, time to say goodbye!

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