Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, 13th.

As the main title says... Monday 13th. One of the most brilliant days of my life. Why? 'Cos I hate Mondays and I hate the number 13. People just don't believe me about this, but it just happens to be so... it is my experiment that proves so. I'm writing these words just some minutes before leaving my work place, since I couldn't type them earlier because of the damned connection problem that made me out of the internet here for more than 45 minutes.

Just as I planned to give my full interest today to write more in the story I'm writing now, I had to leave the office for a while because some interviews were to be made in the meeting room which is the same as my office's place. Group of techno guys came in and spend all the day there and yet no progress they made with the device they brought, so they wasted some hours of my valuable time. Then, I get back to the office and I see that nothing is working with the connection here. I couldn't even update or write the story and I couldn't even work on the translation because I need the online dictionary to help me with some words as well. This day was a complete disaster.

I have to push myself more to do some work at home with the story of Alexander. I have ideas for other stories racing through my mind but I'm afraid to start any. I'm spreading myself thin already. I must finish this thing first. I have an upcoming upheaval of work related to the page of Ayvarith since GeoCities is closing down. Damn just to remember how many accounts I had in their system makes me really really melancholic! I have to download all at once!

Well, what can I say about this day. Just I was telling my partner in the lab this morning, I hate Mondays and I hate number 13 and she laughed and did not believe it. I hope now she will consider now. I didn't fast today 'cos I didn't have my night meal yesterday... so it's like an open day for me... maybe this is the only one good thing about this Monday... that I didn't fast preparing myself for the tiresome time that I would pass through later in day.

I'm looking seriously for more handwriting analysis from sites here and there. I'm comparing prices and asking questions but no answers yet. I wanna take a deep look into myself though. Sometimes such things can make you think deeply about the potentials that you might be carrying on without knowing them, and once known to you, you might be able to open the gates for a new career that you might get happy with.

As for me for the time being, I'm going to worry about the upcoming appointment for my ear and the catastrohpic event of removing the clinic from the medical center in my area. I have to go to some hospital now which I do really hate. I might consider going to a private clinic though.

Gosh, I'm waiting for this day to finish as soon as possible... with peace.

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