Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yes. I'm A Single...

It was a quiet day... although I had to get lost from my office for some time so the new applicants make their interview for a job position in our center. I spent my time going through the buildings and passing through old memories as well. Well, I can say I achieved something this day at least.

The yield for today was 2 verses only. I was aiming for more than that but I had to stop and do other things. Strangely enough, although I used to type my poems on computer, I felt myself urged to write one poem on paper today. I called it, The Thing. In the same time I had an idea of scanning this page and post it for some handwriting analysis. I've always been fascinated by such analyses.

It had been some days and I didn't touch my story. There is so much to take care of right now, specially that I might have to rebuild my Ayvarith page again. GeoCities sent an email already that they will close down by the 26th of October, I will have to download my files OR I can pay some monthly fee to make my own domain (which is something I don't want to do!). It seems quite a time til then and I can do it slowly but I really hate to delay this one thing, specially that I don't know yet whether or not I will be travelling to Ireland on October. Damn, just thinking about it scares the crap out of me! I might even need to do things in Flash again! Oh my God! Not in mood for it at all.

My thoughts were stirred around a bit because of some words that my friend said to me last Thursday. He applied for some job with another friend but they didn't accept him while they accepted the other. They gave out some grading but it was not convenient for our understanding. My friend said that it is probable that they accepted the other friend because he is married already while he is a single. It is in fact quite logical and might be very true as well. I've heard about some places that prefer married people over singles because of the stability of life, or more like the desire to stable their life for the sake of their marriage status and to maintain their homes. It is a discrimination if you ask me! I don't mean to banish the rights of my married friend in that job, but we singles got also a life to live I suppose... if every well-paid job in this country is to be occupied by married people only just because they need it, then why do I bother to study and get a certificate of some sort? I can simply then get married to anyone just to get a job. Ah! wouldn't that solve the problem of singles in this land?
It is just frustrating. Either you get looked upon as some loser and a careless person just because you are a single, or get married and be respected and also get in troubles of debts and money like all married are in this country. I'm not against marriage, but to spend half of my fortune just to be married is something completely illogical and I will never understand it. What you get at the end? People talking about women's rights in this country while you have the broken back... Salute!

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