Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Few Good Men

Completely and idle day. I feel like drugged... can't do a thing, can't comprehend anything. I was almost going to not fast this day but well, I did fast although it is not a complete fasting, but at least let's say I didn't eat or drink.

Couldn't face my paper work... my diary... my story... well I typed some few lines in my story but it wasn't much in fact. I'm typing these last words and waiting for my time to get out of this office and head home and sleep like I never did.

I'm going out with my friend tonight, to some theatre play. Thus, I predict for myself, that I won't be able to attend work tomorrow. Let's hope I can at least fingerprint and get back home to nap. I wish if I do have some good men to depend on and do me this favor. My only friend, is far from this place. The heart and its ways of identifying thing is amazing when it comes to friends and enemies. Your brain translates it as something, but yet, your heart says something else. This is all what I have around me... laughing people, and few good men... if any.

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