Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Another discovery of missing numbers! This time 4 lines are missing between 374 and 378. The story is not missing but only the numbering is messed around. Under the light of the new event here then the total lines of the story is 2993.

Today, I translated only one verse (which was started yesterday but completed today) as I was sick of the place here. I had to do adminstrative job and translate 3 pages typed by my colleague before his travelling to his vacation. The contents were highly scientific in terms, and sometimes I had to leave them as they are, untouched, leaving the document look half Arabic and half English. I had also to drive to some computer stores to buy a converter piece (USB to 9-pin) with the money I had from the adminstrative office (purchase department here) as we need for some laptop connectivity. I barely had time to translate my own project with Alexander's story. In fact I had no mood at all. I was planning as well to write some words into my diary which I brought with me today, as I had some thoughts and wanted to pin them down on paper, but I guess this won't be for now since most of the ideas are vaporized by now. I'm trying now to write down something for my story as I didn't write down a thing yesterday and was trying to think of some way to fabricate the events.

I googled some sites for tips on writing a mystery and some views contradicted somehow, so I guess every author has his or her own unique way of thinking and approach. One of the authors in his tips actually suggested the same thing I did in the beginning, which is a random start and the story would go by itself as you go writing, but with an exception that the end must be well established and outlined already for the rest of the show.

Starting as well now to play "Still Life 2." A thrilling game I've been waiting for. It's about some serial killer that practices his rituals in US. The story is a continuation for the first part, thus it is better to play that one first and then the second. It is a detective game with some vulgar language (so check out your age rank) and some unpleasant views and violence... but hey, I'm not intending to apply these in real life... or ... ?

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