Monday, July 6, 2009

An Awful Discovery...

I just discovered that I made a big mistake in the numbering in my writing for the 6th part of Alexander's story. One of the verses, #15, has missing 3 missing lines in between 353-356. The story goes well, in fact the lines are not missing but I should say the numbering is a mess. In that sense, the whole story is shorter than 3000 lines, and more like 2997 lines! I kept the numbers as they are so as not to lose the track of the story when I translate.

Monday, as always, my very bad-lucky day. I had to be interrupted several times and couldn't complete one simple conversation on MSN. While a gentleman got into my office seeking some job like if I was a manager and he had hard time understanding that I'm not responsible for any jobs but he has to check the main adminstrative office. Then, tata! Just after he left, my connection is down and never up again til this very moment of writing this. I love this day, NOT.

I went for my appointment today in the early morning as well and boy how I loved the clinic, I was number 1 then I discovered I'm 2, then discovered I have to register a number so I got number 4. Then on the queue, they had to let in number 5 before me. Don't you love living in this country? Amazing. The doctor checked my ear and said that I have fungi in it. She cleaned some but said that I must use some ear drops for ten days! Boy, wasn't that ugly when she cleaned my ear and stuff showed off, and then she used the sucking vacuum and took off a chunk of what was inside. I got 2 medicines now, one as anti-mycotic (for fungi in my right ear) and another drop to be used 5 days before my appointment in my left ear to soften the wax I believe. Life is hard just by living in it, isn't it?

Man, I can't wait til the night of this day pass over... I hate Mondays...

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