Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busy Day...

A busy day. Couldn't do much translation work today, opposite to last Thursday when I finished 4 verses. A record for me for the time being!

I couldn't take a nap in the office as I usually do, because I HAD to sort out some applications for applicants to choose an adequate secretary, or as they like to call themselves now, an administrative organizer. I really don't care much about it, all what I need is someone that can speak English to communicate with my colleague here. To me, I lost a valuable time. Could've used this time for translating some lines. I did one paper already but I have a headache now and I can't do more for the time being.

I've been driving down town to get some stuff for my work place with the "pitty cash." I was amazed that they announce in the forecast on the radio that the dust is clearing off and giving way, while I was driving and can barely see for 100m in front of me! Hilarious! And tomorrow I have another round.

I had to spend some time also to chat with an old friend over the MSN. A french friend. It was somehow a short chat and she had to leave but I let out some burden from my chest. I feel mountains lying over this chest. This morning I got myself 2 notes, one is the usual one that I use for my diary, and the other is a black one... to pin down some... blackish deeds I've done. I might release some pressure from this chest. I didn't tell my MSN friend about all of that but... I might do as well later on.

Losing concentration and the mood for everything... specially work.

I'm working on completing the story that I started which is supposedly to be a mysterious one... ah well... needs lot of work. So, I'm seeking the help of google for some tips.

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