Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Up To Some Point...

It was a quiet day... up til some point when all the paperwork started. We are trying to get a damned fingerprint machine into our building to avoid running here and there by morning and by the end of the day just to do this silly thing. The responses we are getting give some indication that the administrative office here is reluctant with doing this. I really don't know what's the problem with those guys... sometimes I do feel like they are sadists and just like to make us suffer.

I didn't write anything today and didn't do any translation work, but organized a bit in my profile in Hopefully I'll get the spark to start the new chapter soon. I spent my day chatting instead and getting new nice photos from people... nice people!

As you can see in the profile below, accepted my last submission (but still more files are on the list), while rejected one of my photos (typical) and the reason was "overabundant category." Well, at least they didn't complain about the resolution or the noise in the image... somehow makes me feel satisfied about the work I did.

Time to pack and get back home now....

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