Sunday, August 2, 2009


It is the beginning of August, when my birthday comes on the 17th!

It is now the first day of the week, and I'm all alone in the office as two of my co-workers are absent. The two are on leaves for various reasons, moreover, one of them asked for an expansion because he is still ill. The other was given a leave, as mentioned in previous posts. Thus, I can say that loneliness creeped not only into my own life, but even to my work as well. The situation is good except for having to type and answering phone calls. If it was for working in the lab, I don't have much problems. This day as well was spent somehow in idling around with chatters. I didn't do anything with my translation for days, which makes me feel a bit bad and out of control. My mood swings are severe these days.

On the other hand, despite my mood is affecting my ability to play some of the games that are waiting on the queue, I spend much time on photoshop and doing some designs for some "people" I know. I'm putting the word (people) in quotes, as you will know later what I'm talking about. They are cute people let's say! :)
My desire and running after beauty makes me chasing all over the photos and trying to change them however I can. I'm typing this as my photoshop at home is open still and still got an image of my little niece under the process of the making. Some of them (people) were kind enough to give me the permission to post the images here, in this
boring blog.

Jaqueline (Belleza Bendita):
A girl with latin blood running down her veins. Well, no need to mention where is her place. She endowed me with her grace of 2 photos, and here are the results (click thumbnail):


I've been fond of latin beauty, always. She told me that in the second image, she was wearing contacts. To me, I think there is no difference. The eyes are beautiful with or without the contacts... but I would prefer to go natural with her hazel-colored eyes. I like her name too; it has that French sound to it. Age is for your guess as I won't tell in here!
Go on girl!

A very moody girl, but she was cooperative enough to give these 2 photos. I see the Irish looks in her while she doesn't agree much with that and insists that her looks are more German than Irish, while amazingly enough, her name has a French tone. She has mixed roots anyway, but for some reason I can't stop thinking of the Irish roots when I see her face. After all, the judgement is yours. This play with her photo was hard. So hard in fact. This is due to the original size of the photos, and to the poses in the photos. Yet, one of the photos (the first to come later after this), in my point of view, was relatively nice and smooth with a dreamy effect on it. Thus, it was so hard to decide what to do with it or what kind of decoration should I amalgamate it with. I hope, however, the two designs are fine for people to see.
The second image contains the first verse of "Those Endearing Young Charms." A famous poem and song, first written by the infamous Irish poet, Thomas Moore.

Renee frame

Renee (endearing)

I couldn't come up with better ideas except of putting a frame with Celtic designs on it. The wooden frame and the Celtic design are two solely made. Well, the Celtic thing was downloaded, but the frame was made from scratch with photoshop. The details of the wooden veins do not show clearly because of the size, but they need a bit of concentration maybe.

There are other works that I need to check if I can post or not, or to check if I SHOULD post or not. Not everyone might like to see their photos posted.

Away from this and back to the world of Reality, I've started to write some lines in the next chapter of the so-called "Blackened Image" story. I go to work now without picking my translation pack (in the envelope) where I keep the papers written with my own handwriting in Ayvarith. I want to completely concentrate on my story right now and well, I can barely have the mood to write down something, but it's going on, I hope.

On another note, I started writing my "black diary." I'm still thinking of a secure place to keep it, but can't think of something. Some names are mentioned there... so it better be in a secure place...

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