Monday, August 10, 2009

Begone Summer!

Idle idle idle. Got many ideas to do, but did nothing. Makes me a bit angry with myself. Yesterday for example, I was thinking of writing more in the new chapter of the story in, yet, did nothing. On the other hand, I spent most of the day (after work) trying to fix a photo for my niece. The original photo was not good, as the naughty girl kept on moving and my camera experience did not help here, add to that she was covering her face whenever she looked at me with the camera. Cute! But I made a design of her previously:

Opus Dei

"Opus Dei" means "The work of God." Usually, there is an expression used here by some people. They say "God had drawn this with His own hand" noting something beautiful. Thus, I used "Opus Dei" with the same sense. The circle around the head resembles a halo, but I think I made it too thick. Should've been thinner. it is supposed to be an engraving on a wooden plate, but maybe I should've worked on it a little bit more and made some extra stuff on it. I'm working on another photo for her right now, and I tried to change and stretch some aspects of the face, trying to make her a bit older than she really is. She's 7 years old.

It had been also long time since I got into any contests in, which makes me think for now, is writing really my thing? Some people told me I have the skill with writing, but I'm not sure of that right now. Could it be that the summer is confusing my brain and makes me inspirationless? I hope this is the case here. In this country, you wouldn't get much nice views or nice weather in summer. Needless to talk about the frustration and the state of disturbance that spread among people in summer.

Although I'm happy to get the Irish visa finally and hopefully will fly on the 29th of September, I still have some fears. It is my first time to travel alone, and the first time to "really" travel, as my only 2 flights out of the country were to Iran (in 1996 and 2008), which was more like a pilgrimage traveling rather than a vacation traveling. The time of the flight itself makes me feel hard about it: first to Istanbul, Turkey, and remain there for 4 hours, then flying to Dublin. From Dublin I must check out a way to get to Galway and from Galway I think I have to get a taxi or something to go north where the resort lies. It is a nice spot called The Waterfront. I just hope the view is as it is in the photos! Although they said that October is not a good time to visit Ireland, but if I like winter here, then I'd hope to like it there. My other concern is, the swine-flu thing. I don't know what kind of procedures they are following right now all around the world, but the news are contradicting each other. The WHO announced it as a 6th grade epidemic, meaning, as I think, it is more dangerous than the avian-flu before. I know an English girl who got cured already from that and she is fine as she said!

Winter, Winter, Winter... when dost thou come!

On anothr note, a generous donor allowed me to put their picture here. I did it some months ago. The line at bottom reads "Beannacht na Sí" (where the "ch" is replaced with a dotted C), meaning "Bless of the fairies," and reads as [byan-nakht na shee, Irish Gaelic]. The age is to be for your own estimation!

Beannacht na Sí

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