Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A slow day. I was almost about to give my back to work and sleep again. Although I slept earlier yesterday, which is something that soundsl ike a miracle, but still, to wake up this morning was like a torture. I had some neck pains for some time. I have a long queue list of photos that people want me to change or do something about and Im totally running of ideas, and my mood is getting low down that I can hardly focus. I discovered yesterday that I had a game that I didn't play yet, and installed it but didn't feel like doing anything about it. But still, yesterday was a good day for writing my story. I wrote a big portion relatively, in the second chapter, and just put the final touch before leaving my work place. I think I spent one hour typing without stopping. Also today, I had an idea for writing an 8-line poem for a Bite-Size contest in www.writing.com, and I called it 1798. It talks, very briefly, about the Irish rebellion of 1798, which was put down few months later brutally by the British forces at that time. These short poems I rarely post in my Poemhunter account.

After arriving back from work yesterday, I stayed and worked on my new little design for my niece. It isn't much of a thing though because the original photo was not good enough, plus the noise thing and the background which made it hard to separate the subject, but some people already liked it:

In Principio

The line reads: In principio, non vi è stata la bellezza. Meaning: In the beginning, there was the beauty. I hope the translation is correct, and thanks to uncle Google!

At the moment while I type these words, I feel my blood pressure is rocketing the sky. Seems I've taken some overdose of caffeine or something. I had some Redbull and coffee yesterday by night, and this morning too, and I won't cease to drink soda anyway as long as I am at the work place. I stopped fasting for the time being and it helped me out now to stay awake in the afternoon time, when I usually sleep if I was fasting. This day seems to be idle so far, and my head is so heavy. I'm thinking of giving myself a little holiday next Monday, for my birthday.

I just remembered that I was planning to get my camera and tripod to the campus today, but unfortunately did not remember this until this very moment of writing this entry! My memory sucks. I was aiming at taking a photo for a dome of one of the buildings in campus, which is relatively a new building. The good thing about it is, there is a spot on the ground marked with some floral design, thus you can easily fix the tripod in that location and flip the camera for 90 degrees and shoot. It would be a good chance for an HDR experimenting.


HDR image combined by photoshop from 3 different exposure rates. The image was taken in one dark winter night, or after midnight, at 3 a.m.
For a printable size of the same photo, please visit my portfolio in www.Canstockphoto.com, simply by clicking the signature down.

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