Wednesday, August 12, 2009


1. A quiet day relatively, with a visit from my colleague, who is officially in a leave. However, I was almost going to cancel this day from my schedule and sleep more, since I stayed awake late last night (technically, stayed awake until today's dawn) and had a sleep for 3 hours only and was almost going to be late from my usual going-out time. When I was just leaving I remembered that I was planning to take photos from inside in one of the buildings in the campus. It was so damn tiresome to just get back to my room to bring the camera and the tripod after reaching my car outside. I didn't even go to buy me something for breakfast the usual way. I just flew over to campus directly. After doing my fingerprinting thing in the same building, I got out the tripod and started to work. Some cleaning guys, who were the only inhabitants alive there, kept on staring at me... like an alien! Well, I kept my nerves down with that.

I had some difficulty as I wanted to take a photo of the dome with some depth (not depth of field but the dome with some of its surroundings), so I tried to lower down the tripod as much as possible to work with it. Of course because of that, I didn't know what I'm catching, because I wasn't able to look into the viewfinder and snap. As as I said in the previous post, it was a chance to check for HDR's capability in this case. HDRs aren't good in general with moving objects even if the movement was tiny... it can show clearly on the image after combining the layers. Anyway, after many trials, here and there and changing a bit of the position of the tripod, I think I got satisfied with the list of photos I have in the current time. The building is there to be snapped at any time!

Going then to my office, I ran the wizard's wand (which you know by now) and started to work on the photos and boy, did I not want to crash my laptop down. I think I do need a new one now with some 4GB of RAMs if possible. In fact, my work on this laptop was just to experiment a bit and not to add a final touch, as the real work will begin at home. On location however, I got the idea of trying a panoramic shot as well, but this time length-wise and not width-wise as it is usually taken. I did photomerge these photos with my laptop but the work was done so slow and yet it was cumbersome. I need to check back at home with more advanced tools with it. After working around a bit and converting to HDR, I loved to do just a tiny experiment and saved the image as it is in 32bits, as a TIFF. The size was 90.8MB. I laughed. I deleted the file. Ta Da! However, still, I got back to reality again and coverted the file to JPG and made a tiny fix in colors to get the final touch on one of the scenes:

The rest of the work will continue at home. Although I wanted to write down some lines in my story but unfortunately, I was swept away and I'm writing these words in a hurry before I leave the place. I have a game, and photos to work with allllll day...

2. Now, after getting back home, I feel a bit energetic to work with my new photos! That reminds me to recharge the cam's battery... I need to buy another battery and another CF memory card. It is just embarassing when you feel yourself into the shot really and then your camera just stops focusing correctly! I tried it! The charger sucks anyway. Couldn't fit it into the electrical exntesion in my work place so I had to wait til I get home. The first thing to do now is to work on the photomerge, as it is a hard task to me still, then I shall work on the HDRs a bit and play around. Guess won't have a spark of ideas to write down anything in my story today. Ah well. Pass.

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