Monday, August 24, 2009


A day that starts with a severe diarrhea is not to be counted in your life span, this is for sure. Now, I think I can make some connection between the dates (food) I take by night, and the diarrhea I get next morning. I think I over-ate those. I still feel some upset in my intestines and my body is just so tired to do anything.
No photo shots for days now, as I'm walking slowly with my life, or trying to at least, with other things on my mind. Seriously, to do everything I wish to I would need the power of 10 men... and the time of course! The traveling time is approaching and I must prepare some stuff already, and a new shoe is a prime concern! You don't wanna go to some foreign airport and the people checking your stuff go "EEEW," right? Yep, that's it.

Today, as usual, I was lucky to translate one verse of the story, but the weird thing is, I was writing down in slow motion. I couldn't speed up my pace! I kept my handwriting small relative to how I used to write down the other pages. This is why I like handwriting analysis. In such situations you wouldn't know what is really going through you, but with handwriting analysis you can discover deep within this brain the true feelings that are beamed through your fingers to your pen. Unfortunately, I didn't device a way to analyze my handwriting with Ayvarith... as I am the only speaker (and not fluent as well) in the whole world! Feels cool somehow, duh!

After I made this "simple" translation, I hit the engine and went on to pick some stuff that I need for my camera and to get a new shoe (as mentioned before). The humidity is lessened today, but the heat in general is still awful. The streets were fine though! I thought I will face such a traffic jam by 9:30 a.m., but I didn't! Ramadhan this year has a soothing effect on people, so I hope it lasts until the end of the month. People usually prefer to stay away from the streets (generally speaking despite the traffic jams in previous years), and would avoid going in this sun, but for me I think it is a sort of a challenge. It is either indeed the blessed mercy of God that befell on me to make me do my stuff today under such a heat, or it is my self-esteem and stubborness, that God bestowed upon me as well, but I felt the urge to go out and finish it even with such weather. I sweated to much and I do feel my throat like a piece of wood, but I feel relaxed in the same time. To me, it is always a matter of mood in fact. When I don't like to go out of work to do my stuff outside in normal days, it is mainly a matter of the mood itself and not the lack of strength or time, but today, I was eager to do it all! Hallelujah. I don't want to strike myself with an evil eye. Unfortunately, I didn't find a CF memory card, but at least I got myself a camera remote and got myself a new battery as well. And now I just remembered that I didn't get a plug-head for my camera charger from the TSC store, after getting my shoes from there. UGH!

On my way from the cameras store to TSC, there were some cops here and there (some in black cars and some in those clown-like cars for traffic). I passed the yellow light while a black police car was beside me, and although it passed with me I was scared that something might happen or so. You don't know the mood of those guys here! Then, Just in the next traffic light, as it turned green, a cop was flashing his lights and turning on the red and blue and the siren, I thought something was going to happen to me personally or that cop reported my pass for the yellow light, but the clown-car passed me by and blocked the way of the other road coming from the right. Did I say I hate Mondays before? Well, today is no exception, but it was that close to my mind. However, I won't feel safe and sound, until the day is completely over!

You might wonder by now about the title and the image on top. This word I encountered in the text that I've written (and forgotten), and it means "his ancestors." I liked the way the word sounded, so I decided to put it here today. Doesn't sound cute? You judge!
When I made this word, I didn't really have some specific conjugations in my mind, but in some way the words just formulate as if by magic in your brain and spelled out. Let's peek a bit into this word, Ávanúnú* [Ankh sequence: aavunwnw]**:
1. Origin: originated from the word "Avvá" [Ankh sequence: auvWa], meaning: father.
2. Singular form: Ávanú [Ankh sequence: aavunw], meaning: ancestor.
3. Plural form: Ávanún [Ankh sequence: aavunwN], meaning: ancestors.
4: Conjugates:

a. my ancestor, ancestors: ávanuwáy [aavunowaY], ávanúnáy [aavunwnaY].
b. your ancestor, ancestors: ávanúká [aavunwka], ávanúnaká [aavunwnuka].
c. his ancestor, ancestors: ávanwú [aavunww], ávanúnú [aavunwnw].
d. her ancestor, ancestors: ávanuwá [aavunowa], ávanúná [aavunwna].
e. our ancestor, ancestors: ávanuwáyun [aavunowayoN], ávanúnáyun [aavunwnayoN].
f. your (plural) ancestor, ancestors: ávanúkun [aavunwkoN], ávanúnakun [aavunwnakoN].
g. their (m) ancestor, ancestors: ávanúm [aavunwM], ávanúnim [aavunwniM].
h. their (f) ancestor, ancestors: ávanúne [aavunwne]***, ávanúnin [aavunwniN].

5. Related words: avvúnah [avvwnuH], meaning: ancestry.

While writing the pervious information I discovered that I might need to add/remove some stuff from the grammar page that I made before! Anyway, I would do it as I do the new page after GeoCities close down!

* The "v" sound in Ayvarith is a labial (done by lips only), like in Spanish.

** Ankh sequence is the sequence used by the Ankh font, which I use to type with Ayvarith. Ask me if you like to have font!

*** The original suffix for feminine plural third person is [-in], but in this case and to avoid the mix with the original plural of the word itself, an "e" is added at the end.

I need a shower... NOW!

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