Sunday, August 16, 2009

Greasing The Engine...

The first day of week here, and it starts up with a headache. It was indeed an unbelievable disaster just to open the side door and get into the building and head to my office! All what I did is, instead of waiting for this damn sick old man to open the door in 15 minutes, I just figured out that I can get into the side door and open the inner door of the labs and then be in the main hall to head to my office, and what a big issue was it that they are working on a request to change the lock of the door! Hail Stupidity!

I worked today slowly on the translation and made out only one verse, which took me almost like 3 hours from the early hour of the morning. I think this is the only verse I'm going to translate for today. I hardly put my mood into it and there were some words that I could hardly go around and made up from previous words in the dictionary. I get even sicker when I think that I have to build a website again, or more accurate, a "webpage" that is. I didn't decide yet on which domain shall it be.

I thought of some plans for tomorrow. I won't be here at work, but I'm going to do the fingerprint thing and leave. I was thinking of going to Failaka and get back if the time permits just before the official attendance check-out, but I don't have the schedule for August. I don't know if I'm able to get it today. I can hardly wait for my vacation at the end of september, which reminds me that I have to buy lot of stuff. A suitable suitcase (the type you drag around) and a backpack I think is better than a handbag. I pray so everything goes as smoothly as possible. It is my first time to travel alone, and wished if I have some company... at least to chitchat along the way.

My only joy for the time being is to look for something to snap with my camera and play around with it. I, somehow, don't even have the power to write down my diaries. It was so dusty yesterday and in such weather I feelthe urge to sleep more than usual. I can't remember when I was awake yesterday and I even woke up at 9 p.m. just to sleep again after 3 hours and barely wake up this morning to go to work. One reason why I hate the yellow! However, I would need to stay late tonight to go on for some photo snapping by night, if I was able to. In that case, I would neglect the idea of visiting Failaka at all, but I have to fix my sleeping time so that I would be awake all night until morning time to do the fingerprint sickening thingy.

I was wandering under the dome this morning, again, and I feel that I didn't take my enough from snapping at this glass work. I might do it again some time later. I'm spending the time in my office right now, trying to write something extra for my story on This is better than working in a useless job, and useless place like this college, which has useless future.

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