Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today is so DAMN HUMID. These are the simplest words that I can describe it with. Let's see what other beautiful things I had in this day:
1. Pick my sister from the garage (her car's battery went dead last night).
2. Going back home of course and dropping stuff (along with my sister).
3. Aftre coming back to work I had a little rest then went on with my friend driving him here and there to do some paperwork around the campus.
4. I got a heavy dose of unuseful blabbering as usual.

All of that was in a nice, romantic humid weather. Needless to say what happens to my hair in such situations! Made me really uneasy with myself. I'm at home as I'm typing and I'm planning for my next BIG shower. The main problem now is that, in such weather, taking a shower can prove really fatal and you won't be dry again til September comes!
All of that made me really uneasy and I was coping to stay awake and type something for my story. I typed few words but after all I had to give up and take a nap in the office for like 30 minutes at least. On the road, I had to play Twister again, not only because of my absent mind from the tiresome weather, but also for the stupidity and the amazing driving of some people. I had to slow down on the left lane just because I had the mood to make the guy behind me fly off the handle... and guess it worked.

One of the latest discoveries recently, is that Stupidity started to spread over the internet with me finding out that some guys think I'm lying about my identity when I say I'm from Kuwait. Moreover, when I tell them the weather is humid today, they laugh and act the know-it-all and ask "Kuwait? Humid?." I do feel sorry for them really, but I can't help it with such weather today and such mood except to curse them all the time. Let's hope their tomato sauce won't get deeper into their minds.

Away from all of this stupidity, I made ready some of the photos that I took already in the past few days.

The topmost photo is, of course, for the Kuwait towers. This image was combined in HDR and some contrast play is applied after that. To smooth it even more, I had to apply a "surface blur." The final touch, and the hardest, was to blur the front and make the towers show firmly at the back. The idea sounds a bit weird to me because it is typical to see the subject against a blurred background, but not a blurred foreground. My eyes isn't used to it.

The lower image was one of the images I took in the morning of my birthday, where I combined the HDR image and then applied the dramatic effect. A larger image is better to be viewed here, because of the complexity of the subject.

Finally, and because of this MARVELOUS day, I couldn't translate anything in my story. I was planning already to do something, at least one verse if possible, but with all that running up and down I just couldn't do anything at all. Needless to talk about my screwed mood already.

THURSDAY! HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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