Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Humidity, and Stupidity...

Well, it is a quiet day relatively, beside the annoying humidity still. I decided to work on some translation and I finished 2 verses so far, and I think this is enough for today. After finishing the first verse, I went on to buy a new rollerball pen as the one I was using started to jerk off. Thank God we have some store in the campus. I got a new one and I'm just so happy about it! I might sound like a baby or a crazy old man (like those who don't believe I'm from Kuwait) but I was so happy about it. I have some passion for pens and pencils. The feel of something smooth going down from your fingers into the paper, and the shiny luster of the ink just before it gets dry over the paper, all of that makes me live in my own world. I like it mostly as smooth black ink. I do write in other colors, like Green or Blue sometimes, but the most precious of all to me is the Black. Writing with Black does give me a sense of writing a manuscript; an old manuscript that is, specially when it comes to write down the Ayvarith alphabet (abjad if I should be precise and not alphabet) on paper.

I wrote some lines for my story... but the ideas are progressing so slow and I can't think of something to complete the story with. I think this what happens when you force yourself to write something without having the mood to write in the beginning. Just a blank sheet of paper filling your brain.

I was surfing through some of the old photos and I found out this:


It was taken with my old Sony. When small, the picture looks good, but I don't know about the real size. I think I would find the original somewhere in the old DVDs I have made as back-ups. This plant is sacred in Hinduism, and it is used and planted for its smell. The Indian call it Thulsi as I was told, and in English I think it is called Bagel or Bagil (?) while in Arabic, it is Mashmoom. Ironically, the Arabic name tells about the usage of the plant, since "Mashmoom" means (the smelled one). As simple as that. This image sparked in me the love of winter again (the image was not taken in winter in fact), but winter and spring come together hand in hand, to me at least. The plant still exists in my house right now although there is more brownish parts right now after the seasons that passed along already. A sensation of hope of happiness goes through, as I look at it... but when...

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