Saturday, August 22, 2009


With the beginning of a new day I tried to tidy my room a bit, but seems I can't get over the Single Guy Syndrome. I soon felt tired and failed to do much in fact. At least I picked up my clothes from the lazyboy into the closet. "from" and "into," concentrate on these two words. I got a phone call on my room's phone asking for mom; typical for the first day of Ramadhan and the annoying phone marketers.
However, I went on another round trying to fix up my panoramic shot two nights ago. This time, I had to go on composing the HDR's again from scratch. In the last trial with HDR composing, the highlight was so much that the halo around light sources contained so much noise and grains. This time I tried my best to overcome with problem by lowering down the highlight amount in all composed HDRs and using the "equalize" option to suppress the highlight more. In fact this option also increases the contrast.

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