Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Is Here!!!!!!

I just can't believe it is my last day at work before the BIG vacation! Also the last working day during Ramadhan! I feel so hyper that I wanna do everything today! Specially sleeping!!!

Been snapping around some places lately, and I got that panoramic shot that I was planning from last week; The Sharg Market Panoramic View.

Soog Sharg

7 sections with 3 shots in each for HDr composition, totaling 21 RAW images to do this. I hope the colors are OK though, despite the fact that some areas remained extremely bright. I tried to fix these areas by moving the "shadow and highlights" curve up and down but not much could be revealed. Anyway, they are small areas.

The other work which was tiredsome as well since I was not shooting in straight line but instead in several directions and I made mistakes again and again (forgetting to zoom out with my lens and setting the camera too close to the object);

Walkway behind Soog Sharg

it is a walk way that was built as... a walkway... why I don't know actually since people can walk here or there! Anyway, they had the money to do it after all. This is a panoramic composition as well, by the way. The shots are taken on 3 main levels and in 3 different angles for each level, and then composed using spherical panorama. Cylindrical panorama was somehow good as far as I remember, but the Auto option in which Photoshop takes the lead in deciding what coordinates to use was disastrous (for the first time I do see that in fact!). I still I have some remains in my camera that I didn't download, so I might go one and check it out to see if I can do some other compositions with them.

I had an idea in the current time to chase after old houses all around Kuwait... specially those that they say they're haunted or something. In Failaka island, such type of houses are every where in fact because of the post-war effects.

Now it is the time to check after some of the essential things before traveling, like my visa, and my clothes! I'm so nervous about it, yet I need it so badly... so so badly...

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