Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So Damn Slow...

This week is a disastrous one. It is almost the end of Ramadhan there, but this week just won't pass away easily. Problems in sleeping and so... barely can be at work, and if I did I would sleep there for 2+ hours. Today, I didn't go at all. Planning to sign it as a casual holiday... my last casual day for this year. If people whom I know would be kind enough to do the fingerprint thing I would be relieved by now, but oh well... you can't get everything you like... but surely you can hate whatever you don't like, right?
The bad thing about all of that, it is affecting the progress with my own projects, which I deem more important that my work itself.

Last week I went on doing some photography near a mall, namely Soug Sharg, where lies another marina. My aim was to take a panoramic shot for the whole mall from the back of the marina, but alas, my trials went wrong when I disocvered that I didn't focus correctly. I didn't discover that til later when the images were downloaded, because I was taking off my glasses, and I thought the blurry image was only because of my eyes! However, I'm planning to take other photos some other time, hopefully this weekend, if I can.

I think it is useless to try to sleep and wake up earlier. I better stay awake all night if I can and go to work then. At least I might be able to check for attendance and then sleep in the office, again.
My departure to Éire is getting closer. I'm still thinking if I was ready or not. Mainly going to pack mostly winter clothes, for sure!

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