Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back Home...

Here we are again... home. I arrived at Kuwait almost at 1:30AM Friday. Ironically the next day I had to at night time and in the middle of the heavy traffic around the airport to get my sister who arrived back from Iran. All what you need is few moments to get your pressure built up again as it was before your vacation, but to grease my engine and get me out of the vacation mood I need a bit more time. I'm doing things slowly at the current time... my room is a mess as I left it before leaving to Ireland.

I got myself an external harddisk to help me with storing the images from the laptop and work on them with the PC and my sweet ol' Photoshop CS4! I got really sick with the laptop and its speed and the old software too. The panoramic capabilities and HDR composition is just "SUPER" with CS4!

20GB of RAW images were transferred to my new external hard disk... some of them are shaky though, but I might get around that later on. I'm working right now on some panoramic views that I want to fix and get ready to print them out and frame them, and send them to the owner of The Waterfront, as a "little" gift for such beautiful place and vacation.

I won't go on telling other stuff that happened when I arrived here, but not everything was pleasant. Continuing my activities, I want to visit Failaka island (hopefully on next Thursday) and might check for Miskan island later on or in the same day IF I could. I need to grease up myself again and get to work on stopped project now... the translation of Alexander's story... the Blackened Image story (which I have to read again to build the chain of events in my mind back again)... also there are books waiting for me to be read! I think there is no time for heart affairs right now... as I am just... exhausted...

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