Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy Around...

Been now one week since I got back from Ireland, and I do miss it a lot. It feels so hard to get back to the old routine and stress that you used to be in before, and sometimes you think even "I used to be living in such pace?"
However, I went on a cruise yesterday to Failaka island but without going to Miskan island after that, as we spent 1 hour almost going around with my friend and looking for some restaurant to have lunch there. As soon as we finished, the time was almost up to go back on the cruise to head to the main lands. On the cruise, we went silent for a moment and before the cruise starts to move, to find out Mr Dangerous was in front of us and peeking at us behind his nose... he was Mr Attitude (or Mr Personality, or whatever you might call a person with ego...). This thing was... this:
Sheep in Jeep

Well, thankfully he did not jump over our car.
As we sat sail from Failaka, the current and tides were larger and thus, and after such lunch, there was a chance for some sea sickness. I didn't feel it much but after one hour outside, I decided to head back to the car and stay in the cold air of my AC with my friend. As the coastline appeared from afar, I had my zigzag walk on board trying to reach the edge of the cruiser with my camera. I snapped some shots, but of course as we were shaking, not much of them were good;

I had some break now working on photos from Ireland all the time, and did the images above (and working now on a third image but I can't get it right still with the noise, and might just abandon it). On the other hand, my work with images from Ireland is now blocked and clogged with one image that gives my pc a problem with memory. It was taken on several parts, and each angle was taken in 3 shots with different exposures, which were made later into separate HDRs combined and saved in EXR format. EXR format, as I read in some article, it saves the exposure rate and values for the 32-bit image. I used to save such files in PSD format, but seems PSD does not contain all the values of the 32-bit as well! I'm not sure about this item of information yet. The work with EXR was not successful though after all because of the memory problem and photomerge command in photoshop always hangs after some time or just give an error. My next approach then was to give up with some of the resolution and converted the files into 32-bit TIFF images with smaller (relatively) sizes. TIFF images in smaller sizes were relatively faster in processing (faster in terms of minutes and hours, it is still a long time for a regular person I suppose!), and yet, the problem still occurs. I gave up with it now and I'm going to try later on, trying to find out another way to go around this problem.

I printed out 2 images currently to be framed and sent back to my host in Ireland in the Waterfront. Hope she'd like them. I found out that they were dark and not as I view them on the monitor, or, it could be because they might have been converted into CMYK (they are originally in RGB format).

The Waterfront - Backyard

The above image is one of the images but the second one (which was larger) was not made into a smaller on to be in photobucket. I was lazy!
Beside these images, and the other image that causes me some sleepless nights right now, I worked on other images that I kept to stitch them out here,
Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Mayo.

Cong Monastery, Large Window.

The first image (the Ashford Castle), was fixed with some extra stuff and I sent it to some email address related to the staff of the hotel there, as a little gift. Well, I don't know if they saw it or not, but I hope they'll like it.

I finished reading the Graveyard Book, and seems, from the acknowledgement that I read at the end, that there is a trial indeed to make it into a movie. Well, it was a nice and weird story that would indulge you in the world of graveyards and the night life... I mean the quiet night life, mostly! Left for now, I need to go on reading MY own story again to connect my thoughts back and try to complete this and finish it. I hate this feeling to leave it unfinished. And as for my translation work, I don't think I will start with it any sooner for the time being. I have to think as well how to build my Ayvarith website again... and this boils me blood!
Well, I will see if I can go to Miskan on my own this Sunday or Monday, IF I was able to wake up in the morning...

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