Friday, October 9, 2009

Muddy Day

Today, it was a bit rainy outside. Light rain for some hours (roughly 3 hours), so my plan to go to some other village called Cong in Co. Mayo was not done. Maybe I will by tomorrow. However, the wind was strong when the rain stopped, thus I couldn't resist to go out and walk around. There is a boat that I took a picture of and found out that this picture was a bit not focused, so I went to make a try with it again.

Finishing from the boat, I decided to walk on the hard piece of land extending into the water and formed like a small cape or an isthmus, and headed toward and island that I always liked to step on its soil. After the rain, the hard igenous ground is all slippery and dangerous and the rocks are filled with holes because of the rain and got sharp edges. You don't really want to fall on those! However, I was stepping into the dense grass trying to reach that land, I accidentally stepped on a non-stable area of grass, the next thing I found was my leg going deep into the mud and me falling down. Hours passed now and I still laugh at myself for what happened. I was really walking around with high confidence and the next thing was ZOT!

After this amazing experiment (ah yeah), I went on walking to the end of the land and just in front of the island. Since I was wet already down there, with mud all over my pants, I didn't mind putting my leg into the water this time and stepping on further stones that were dipped in water but not so deep, and finally I reached the closest distance I could ever be in. Tried to go further on some stones that formed a sort of pathway to the island but were dipped a bit in water, but as I went on and on, the pathway was cut and to continue I have to dip myself to the knees or a bit lower than that into the cold water in this harsh cold wind. So I just stopped at that moment, and took a snap;


I don't know if it has a name already, but I think I will call it "Oileán Fliuch," or "The Wet Island." I wonder what or how it would be if I want to Anglecize the Gaelic phrase? Could it be "Oulanflough"? or "Ilanfloo"? Who knows!

On the way back from that spot, and dipping my feet further in water (which actually helped to wash out some mud from my shoe), I stepped on a big rock which cought my eyes for its destinctive spots. It got all those pinky or reddish spots filled with water, seems it is the oxidization of iron in the rock that left such traces;


I was about to fall down many times though. It was embarassing when I got back to the Waterfront. I had to take off the shoes outside and get in with bare feet. The owner helped me out to wash the shoes... it was so embarassing, but I still can't stop laughing at myself!

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