Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brigit's Gardens

Today, I went to the Brigit's Garden which was some kilometers away from my place. It was so natural to not go on foot!!!

It was in fact a museum and a park in the same time, and it has its own little forest which I was almost going to get lost in it!

I took some photos around the place. In the beginning, there were 4 little gardens symbolizing the 4 seasons of the year connected to the celtic festivals of Samhain, Lughnasa, Imbolc, and Bealtaine. Then there were several scenes and places to go around. The main theme of the park is to show the irish habitat as it is originally, putting together original irish trees and plants. The aroma of the gardens was amazing!

Then There was the Crannóg; A house that is said to be built usually by people who live on islands over the lakes in Ireland;

Crannóg, Brigit's Gardens, Galway Co, Ireland.Crannóg Inside

But the most significant view was that of the "Calendar Sundial" which is a sundial, but so huge and it measures the date as well as the time, all by the shadow of the "gnomon" or the dial of the sundial.


Well, I'm working on more tours now, which means more money for the taxis and such. After getting out of the Gardens, I headed to the village to get some biscuits (and I got LOT of them), since I can't work on my laptop or PC without a snack to chew on. All of the day's trip, costed me around €30.00 or more a bit. But more expenses are coming...

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