Monday, October 5, 2009

Oughterard (again)

Today, I've walked to the village again since the taxi was not free and I wanted to finish things as fast as possible to have all the day to rest and write and think. This time, I didn't take any camera or tripod, so relatively I was light when I went there. But the way back was harder because I was carrying all the souvenirs and gifts that I got. I spent around €400.00 on gifts! That's around 168KD. Well, back in Kuwait I think the amount is not much to be mentioned, unless if you say for someone "gifts," I believe everyone will yell at you and say "are you crazy!" Also, I got myself the thing that I always wished to own... a pipe! I got me bodhrán and some books as well. My main concern now is the extra weight, thus I have to check for more information from the Turkish Airways site. I'm planning after 1 or 2 days to go on the boats near the Waterfront for a little voyage, if the weather helps out.

I didn't catch any pictures today but yesterday, I got one picture which inspired me for something. I called it, "The Lonely Barley."

The Lonely Barley

I couldn't gather the words yet for the poem, but it shall be a dedication for a beloved one...

Correction: I took lot of photos!

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