Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alexander 1 [AuliSQgunQdur 1]

It's going to be a very tiresome day. It is already at the moment of writing this post. Not because so much to do, but mainly because the sleeping problems I have.
I woke up today at the usual time, but instead of going to get me something for breakfast like I usually do everyday, I picked my stuff and went directly to my work place to snap a picture of the dome that I shot before, but this time I decided to do it in a different way. I was afraid that those security guys would block my way or something, but instead, the security was behind his desk and sleeping, and I was trying to do everything quietly. Some of those cleaners came in later and stood over my head to see what I was doing and kept on blabbering over my head gergergergerger... gosh, ever saw a silent janitor before? Here, I didn't.

For this time, the way I snapped the parts of the dome (for stitching later) was different than the previous one which was a fatal mistake. I lowered my tripod to its lowest position with its legs unstretched, and then I raised the camera by the portrait level (i.e. I fixed the camera so that when the portrait level is 90 degrees and upright, the camera will be pointing to the center of the dome). However, I think I raised the level for about 60 degrees up, and started taking 3 shots in each angle. I rotated the rotation plate for about 2 lines, but I don't know how many degrees are those! Could be 30. And for this, I have now a HUGE flow of images for circulating the whole circumference of the dome. At the end, the session was finalized with a shot to the center of the dome. The problems I'm expecting now even before the stitching process starts would be related to a little nudge to the center of the tripod from the center spot on the ground (there was a floral design in the middle of the hall that made me use it as a marker for the center), and, the process of shooting was so slow and the time was running by, and the sunrise started in the middle of the shoot, thus I expect problems with color differences when stitching already. I might need to tweak the WB abit as well.
I shot also some shots for a device in one of our labs and for some samples containers (for artisitc use if possible!). There was some nice ideas chasing in my mind while I was walking outside of the building. The cloudy weather we had for 2 days now is nice for some "drama shooting", but I really didn't feel like it. But I preferred to stay here and correct some spelling mistakes in the English version of Alexander's story VI.

For today, I will start posting parts of Alexander's story starting from the very beginning, down to the 6th part.

Once upon a time in the dusty past
when tribes dominated and hatred spread
the destiny was waiting and waiting it was
for the man of might who will come and unite
so destiny chose a man called Alexander
far away from the land of Caqobia
king of kings whose father was Pilippánút
ruled with just and spread the wise word
the kingdom of Caqobia now is unite
the kingdom of Caqobia now is mighty

five years since the seat of Alexander
the poor man worked hard and slept less
a mighty army he made out of dreams
from tiny ants to so huge men of courage
and Alexander did not forget his Lord
the Giver of life and the Giver of might
and despite his weakness at night
he stood up right bowing to Almighty

One night when the stars were witnesses
a soft sound arrived from heaven by darkness
calling with a soft voice that shakes the heart
Alexander!, Alexander!, stand up! and listen to me!
Alexander, O faithful man of might and power
raise up and identify Me to ignorant people
thus Alexander rose up at the time of dawn
and the shields he got ready and the swords

The trumpet of gathering was blown
and the bugle of war was shouting
the men of might then stood before him
like how the force of day obey the moon
and in a courageous speech did he announce
'O men of valour and courage at times of heat
the commands arrived to me and so shall I go
to spread the wise words of God all over the lands'

Thus, armies are organized and made ready
twelve they were, and full of shields and armor
and each had ten thousands men ready to fight
full of muscles and covered with iron and copper
and the twelve generals were ones of noble state
and had famous names and loyal to their causes
Chinchán, Ishkán, Chírán, Érán, Dómí, Tólímí,
Kahrímí, Gehámí, Shakrashom, Dartalom, Keríhom and Galgalom

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