Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alexander 2, V1

It is not an usual thing to post in this blog in weekend days, to me at least, but here I am after finishing the stitching for the Dome's picture. It was not an easy task anyway!
Coming to some calculations and after downloading the RAW images from my camera, the shots run over 21 angles (20 continuous in a circle and the last one was a zenith), and in each angle I had to shoot 3 times with exposure bracketing, thus 3 x 21 = 63! Ta da!

The composition was not easy and I had to try many times in the past 2 days because of my damned memory limitations! All of that happened when my stitching program did not work wonders as usual and there was some mis-alignment in the layers, and working in OpenEXR in 32 bits is not an easy task for my memory. I wanted to resolve the matter with Photoshop but yet, the results were even worse because nothing could be accomplished with such memory. At the end, with some tweaking in the software itself I was able to produce some decent image with less errors and the output was saved of course in EXR format as well;

The Dome


The above images (when enlarged) can look a bit of cumbersome with some spots in colors, well this is mainly because I saved it as a GIF to keep the transparent background and keep the image circular completely without any white background. Of course I couldn't be able to submit a GIF to stock sites so they are saved as JPG as well. However, there are 2 versions here because I worked with manual tone-mapping in Photoshop (the bright one) while had a trial with Photomatix (the darker one). I've submitted the two currently to stock sites, you wouldn't know what people want. In tone-mapping (specially the manual one) you can produce many different aspect from a single image. I might go over with a third trial as well with a different method.
As I prmised before, here is the second part of Alexander's story. To make it a bit longer, I shall put only a verse at a time. Today it's Part 2, verse 1.
It is the morning and its glory that began
and Alexander viewed his armies from the balcony
The sun's heat was heavy on the heads and metal
and the brave hearts were looking to the balcony
Whispers became obvious, and then into shouts
the hero raised one hand high into the heaven
With a glance of sun's ray over his fingers
the crowds kept silent like preying wolves
The Alexander started the speech with praises
for the Lord of earth and Lord of heavens
Then announced the beginning of the journey
of hardships and agony, under the Eyes of God
And by the commandments of the Almighty
the crowd of armies headed to the west
Into some lands they have never seen
into some lands they have never heard of
And the time had come now to go ahead
and all shall be heading towards the west
And although the graceful mother of the hero
wept and wept until her eyes became white
By the grace of God he calmed her down
and she understood no one here shall be left
For the Earth is nothing but a revolving wheel
of happiness and agony, of life and death as well

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