Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alexander 2, V2.

A day that begins with a headache is not a day, it's a hell. This is my first day of the week and its start. Beside that, I did wake up a bit later than my usual time, so I had to go in a hurry to my work place.
I had to grease little bit and do some work with the now-working freeze-drying machine and check if the samples were already dry or not... for my luck they were;

Freeze Dryer

The headache did not give me much chances to do anything but at least I started my transliteration with Alexander's story, part 6, doing the usual 2 verses as before. Two verses with such a headache is a miracle, I tell you. As for the time being, I go around wherever I walk and try to concentrate as much as possible for new ideas of photography. Maybe this is what is causing me the headache? Nah, I don't think so. I might need to nap in the office. I'm expecting a way to go to DHL today, as one shipment arrived and the other had just departed from Bahrain. Hope I can manage...

Days passed and the journey was to the west
they marched into different lands and villages
Some joined them and some resisted them
and some hosted them as friends and brothers
And the march continued amid day and night
between the plains and the forests so dark
Until the limits of the western horizon glanced
where the sun sets in the cold sea of Échalán
And there lie the lands of the pagans so fierce
idolators, and for the stone they bow and heed
Worshippers of nature, and forgot Who made it
thus cruelty got planted in their hearts and eyes
Their children they gave for nothing but mere myths
and their own earnings for the bless of the unknown
Geltáns they were called and named in records
the guardians of the western paths to the sun
Thus, the command from the Almighty came down
O Alexander, teach them who Am I, The Lord
and let them praise Me and worship Me as well
If they insisted with cruelty then your sword shall work
and you are a faithful man, thus punish or have mercy
My grace endowed you with the sense of justice and mercy
Then, the news of the hero approached the borders of might
and the hordes of Geltáns were made ready for the new comer

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