Monday, January 25, 2010

Alexander 2, V3.

Welcome to my world of MONDAYS. In the news today we have many problems:
1. Waking up at 2 AM and going to work in the morning without sleeping.
2. Having to wander around the labs because of stupid sockets and no water in some labs to wash the tools.
3. Visitors that I had no mood for.
4. Going to DHL and getting stuck in the traffic jam and barely finding a parking place later on (I parked in a mid-lane really and not a real parking place).
5. Being screwed from a colleague.
6. Did I tell you that I crushed into a wall a bit yesterday? Well, it wasn't Monday but it was an introduction to Monday.

The good part is, I picked my shipment and I got my 3 filters now with an adapter and a filter holder. Yesterday when I went to the DHL facility, there was nothing but a single "folder" like thingy with some stuff inside. I opened it to see a ND2 (neutral density) filter only lying there! The whole shipment for 99% of the order just arrived today! Anyway, lot of work to do later on to experiment with these new tools. This is supposedly to help me out with long exposures in BULB mode. In such situations, the images tend to be blown out by the exposure, thus you have to limit the light as much as possible (specially in daylight photography).

No activity so far with the pictures from Ireland, as I'm taking some time to play some games, and at work, I get myself busy with some machines and with the transliteration of Alexander's VI story. I was hoping though to take some photos today of some scene around the campus but I was so busy in "work" that I didn't think about it for now. Anyway, it's going to be a picture of some garbage. That's all!
By the way... I hate Mondays...

The army of the hero with twelve generals stood firm
before the walls and the gates of Galatanga the bold
A might city and mighty walls, and mighty men
not countable from the distance, but hard and tough
Alexander sent a messenger before him with a letter
and he approached the army with a raised hand above
He showed them the letter high up, and signed for peace
and asked to meet the king to reveal the tidings before him
The king was there, on a throne carried by six slaves
among his men, and enjoying the view of his kingdom
The king with a point from his finger made all silent
and pointed to the messenger to read his tidings
The messenger went on with no fear to read on
"From Alexander, king of the Caqobians,
To Karnagod, king of the Geltáns,
after the proposal of peace that we came for,
We invite you to worship the One, and the Only,
the Lord of Heavens and Earth and the beyond
And shall you make peace, we are for the peace
yet, mischief would be in your demeanours
Thus, you dug for your people their graves"
and the king went fierce with reddish eyes
With a point of his finger to some guards
the innocent messenger was cut into pieces

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