Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alexander 3, V1.

Not much of photography for this weekend or experiments, as I'm out of ideas. But rather, I spent some time trying my new flash against the faces of the family just to make some sense on how to use it and how to adjust the light to my needs. In fact, my main interest in the flash is to give enough light when I use high shutter speeds, and I use high shutter speeds to compensate for my shake of hands when I'm on the go without a tripod (or more precisely, not in mood to put up a tripod!).
For the time being I'm checking for shots here and there from Ireland and this time I've reached the folder which I call, the "Damned." The folder contains some panoramas that really made a headache for me in the past and I might as well go again with it. It's entitled (2009-10-04). Two folders prior to that contain some images that I've done before and already inspected, thus I didn't spend much time with them and moved directly to the next folder. But one of the images in the folders before was something that I think I didn't make up before (or I made in some small size);

My Window's View in The Waterfront. Co. Galway, Ireland.
My window's view in The Waterfront, Co. Galway, Ireland.

Gone With The Wind. Co. Galway, Ireland.
Dandelion near Oughterard's Golf Field 

As for now, I'm surfing Amazon to see more books related to some fields of photography and other stuff and tools.  I put them all on my wish list to refer back whenever I want to. I also made an order from Astrodiesnt, for a "psychological astrology profile," and the introduction was interesting enough that it seems almost like 100% accurate, but I have to continue reading it (I stopped reading to write this post first!).
As for now, here you go, with Alexander 3, Verse 1.

1. Alexander camped 7 days and 7 nights
2. he organized the west, spread the goodness
3. he banished the evil from the hearts
4. and the message of Heavens arrived
5. "Alexander, catch the sun from its roots"
6. on the 8th day he got ready with his soldiers
7. and along the long path he should go
8. amid deserts and forests, amid waters and fires
9. people come and go, tribes settle and move
10. wars and victories, along with friendships
11. some joined him by their well and some by force
12. until he reached the line of the day
13. where night falls just after the other side
14. he made a decision to settle with the hordes
15. amid the noise of hatred among the men
16. amid the fear that spread among their hearts
17. but the hero had a heart of a man and man shall be
18. and a gaze to the generals he made and they settled down
19. while he wandered between the two lands
20. he praised God for His wonders in that spot
21. while angels came down greeting him with a smile
22. they told him he will be back here one day
23. to see wonders beyond the wonders
24. in some land they called Ayvar

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