Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alexander 3, V2.

So tired at work that I just don't find much words to say for today in here! Not much photographic experience for the past few days but yet I'm keeping on reading some texts here and there to enhance my knowledge about some aspects of the exposure.
I barely made a transliteration today for 2 verses and now after this post I think I will nap for 30 minutes until it's time to move out of here...


25. Alexander wondered for the name
26. he never heard of it in the pages of history
27. but so he obeyed the commands and got back to his camp
28. and kept the words for himself as a secret
29. and in the next morning he raised up with his men
30. and to the roots of the sun they were marching
31. until the Earth swept its green cover and the water
32. and with sands filled the ground and salt
33. there, they glanced many a tribe from afar
34. barely cover themselves and barely live
35. running after insects of the desert
36. and drinking the dirty waters
37. their looks were miserable
38. their poverty pulls out the tear
39. Alexander then approached them with peace
40. and they gathered together with fear in the eyes
41. their action amazed Alexander
42. he announced the peace before them
43. but they kept their silence with fear
44. the hero then offered them some food
45. and they attacked the food with their teeth
46. fierce was their hunger
47. fierce was their thirst
48. and their tongue was not comprehensible

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