Monday, February 1, 2010

Alexander 3, V3.

Less activity behind the camera, and more activity on some experiments with photoshop. Despite the fact that my napping time screwed everything in my schedule. However, I'm trying to work more on some images from Ireland. The packet of pictures should include another 30 images, and I'm close to that number.
One interesting experiment I made, was that to spread the image of the dome that I've made previously from stitching 21 shots.

The Dome
I got this idea of spreading after reading an article on some methods to catch HDR panoramas, and specifically what is called the "Skydomes."
The skydomes are mainly taken with camera tilt for 90 degrees upward and fisheye lens with 180 degrees FoV (Field of View). However, the round shape of the image made me wonder what would happen if I spread the dome that I made before in the same way? The softwares mentioned in the article were not what I used, but I, instead, used Photoshop's Polar Coordinates filter, which plots into and from polar to rectangular (the typical XYZ dimension). The result was strange but funny enough, but not enough I think to be submitted to the stock sites yet. There is a slight wavy curvature in the middle of the image, which seems to be the result of a not-perfect circle in a close-up.

Dome Spread

The main purpose of "spreading" or changing the polar coordinates to rectangular one, is mainly to straighten out an image that was taken using a fisheye lens (be it with FoV of 180 or less), but I think it can give nice effect for circular objects like this dome (or others). I might go on testing this concept on some of the 360-panoramas that I've already made.
I leave you know with Alexander 3, V3.

49. after eating with peace
50. the tribes gathered round Alexander
51. though he tried to speak to them in vain
52. they kept talking with no sense
53. Alexander gazed amid his men and asked
54. "whoever can explain the ideas between us?"
55. A man of valour then raised up for the task
56. and the name he had was Patúl
57. from a far away land called Cimcuráyá
58. and this he said, may I try and succeed
59. Alexander permitted him and he advanced
60. with cautious steps toward the unknown
61. and when the tongue he could not understand
62. and they could not understand his gestures
63. on the ground he drew a shape of a man
64. and they all said in one voice, Bulughman!
65. thus Alexander called them the Bulughmans
66. and he who seemed to be the chief of those
67. pointed to the mountains not far from there
68. and in fierce talk he started to express
69. but his words were not understood by any
70. then Alexander ordered a horseman called Carnúg
71. to go to the mountains and overlook the valley
72. and bring the tidings of what had been so fierce

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