Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alexander 3, V4.

Today was a semi-idle day for me. Not so much work done to the transliteration of Alexander's story VI, but yet, I've been moving here and there in work-related issues.
I was out to submit some items for calibration to the RPD (Radiation Protection Department) and I was thinking of going back home just to check my PC which I left it operating last night. I was stitching a 360 panorama view for the castle of Aughnanure and its field (again), and since the operation was so, so, so slow, I decided to leave it like that and eventually slept earlier than regular days. Only 3 images are left to complete the next packet of picutres from Ireland, but yet I'm scattered here and there and barely completed the work on one image yesterday, which actually, I don't belive it is much of a good one!

Dead Dandelions. Co. Galway, Ireland.

In my office, despite this idle behavior, I was busy reading and reading about the medieval Middle East in Wikipedia. Specifically about the Abbasid dynasty. So much there to be read that I was so amazed of that time and how much cruelty was involved. The decline was not any better however. As a Shiite Muslim, I can't say I'm so very fond of these dynasties that took the role of guiding the nations before, but mainly, reading such stories and history makes my mind burn with imagination as to the events that took place. There is a movie in the story of every Abbasid Caliph (or even in the revolutionists at the time of any of those caliphs). Sometimes I do ask myself even, "did those people have time to smile even?".

Yesterday was a Monday as you all know. Yes. And you know how much I like Mondays... NOT! Right after arriving at home and before I even complete half of my lunch, I got a phone call to release the poor cat from a pest-glue that got stuck to his legs. After fierce shouts I was able to remove the glue in hardship, as the wild animal was jumping here and there thinking I'm going to hurt him, although I used to serve him food on a daily basis. His beautiful fur now is corrupted with spots of dirts all over since he escaped to the mud and sands in the house after being released from the glue. Poor guy.

73. Carnúg went with his horse racing the winds
74. until he reached a place between the two tops
75. where Dágh, the red, lied over his right side
76. and on his left side lied Daghíl, the white
77. he took a look over the valley of Malúnet
78. you can see from afar he was paralyzed in his place
79. his legs got frozen and his voice got trapped in his throat
80. it was some time until he got his power again
81. then he got back to his camp sweating like a waterfall
82. everyone gathered around him waiting for his tongue
83. but his tongue was stuck like a piece of wood
84. Alexander passed his hand over his head gently
85. and with a smooth voice asked him to go on
86. Carnúg shouted then: Blood! Blood!
87. everyone looked to the other in amazement
88. Carnúg continued: the valley is full of blood,
89. and there are creatures from other lands
90. another lands not similar to us by any way
91. they eat whatever comes their way in any way
92. barbarians with no one like them
93. some as tall as trees in the forest
94. and some as dwarf as rocks of the desert
95. nude never heard of a cover for their bodies
96. and their smell is that of the fresh blood

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