Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New US Mailbox!

My US Mailbox had been activated finally! I can order anything I want at any time!!! ... providing that I have the money...
With my camera away from me, I started to work on some photos from Ireland again, but this time I was trying to be more systematic in my preview and work with the images, that is, I check the folders ascending according to the dates of the taken photos and I check what best fits and what I did not do before, and then I work with it in HDR way or any other way possible. Hence, I made 2 new samples into my collection yesterday;

Rose of Galway - Near Carlton Hotel, Galway City, Ireland. Co. Galway.

Captive Plant. Near Carlton Hotel, Galway City, Co. Galway, Ireland.
These two photos were from the earliest and first snaps I shot in Ireland after reaching Galway. They were taken directly in the next morning for my arrival (which was by night and hence, a very tiresome time!). I'm not sure though that I would be able to complete a set of 30 images to send over by email however, but I will see what I can do, but this is going to be a slow progress.
In the mean time, I'm supposed to pick up my camera by tomorrow, and let's hope it's finished this time for real. I went on yesterday (because the guy there told me it would be finished by Monday) but it wasn't finished yet. The other guy who, as it seems, works in the workshop itself said that it will be over by Wednesday, and he advised me to call before going there. I'm ready to go, but not make a phone call!

Amid this fuss, I'm working on some images for some people who wanted to make out something out of them, but the results weren't always good in fact, and that depends largely on the composition of the photo and how large it is already. Hope they like what I do, because me, myself, don't like it all the time! I'm working on a brochure for my work place as well, and this one is taking a great deal of time, specially with the hardship when it comes to work with Arabic text. I had to use old versions of Photoshop just to get the text done and yet I was not totally free of troubles.

My happiness with the new Mailbox is not complete yet, since there some items that are not available in one site and I might have to roam around and collect them and send all over to my US box. I hate this already before trying it!

The yield for today was 3 verses, and although I had the power to go on with a fourth one, but I preferred to stay here and check my new mailbox and write this blog, and read my book.

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