Monday, January 4, 2010

New Mistake...

 Not a pleasant beginning for the first day of work in the new year, and a not so special new year's eve as usual (well, it should be normal by now). In fact, this feeling was accompanying me all along since yesterday or the day before... a feeling of emptiness and carelessness for everything in this life and all what surrounds me. Feels like hating everyone, and caring for no one, and the pressure with the early hours of the morning today was not helping either.
Canstockphoto seem to be encouraging me to submit more of my doodles! That's a happy bit in my life!

The day went on without progressing much in fact. I went to Canon workshop to pick up my camera and it was still not finished and then went on to the DHL facility to collect my money back after the destruction of my shipment in Ireland before it could reach the owner of The Waterfront, and yet, I couldn't get any money about this because they did not have the cash at present and the guy said he will call me (maybe this afternoon) to go and pick up the money. I hate this. At least, I paid for a US mailbox (in Ohio as he said) and it might be active soon enough. I've made a wishlist already in BH website. The total amount for my wishlist exceeds $600, that's around 200 K.D. maybe. Ah yes, and the other good thing I did today was to drop some of my purchase back home, so I don't have to carry lot of stuff when I'm going out of my work place. But all of that really isn't worthy for all that traffic jam and the craziness that I faced in the roads today, going out fomr my work place or going here and therThe e or coming back to my work place... it was all the same.

I discovered another mistake in the line numbering... jumping from #2485 to #2489, missing 4 lines. I have to count the "net" number of lines, I really did miss around and lost the count of the lines. I think Word and other word-processing programs are able to do so! There is no way to count that myself!
Despite the tiresome roaming of the roads from the morning, I managed to translate on verse before I set off, and some 2 verses (or were they 3?) after arriving. The amount is increasing easily since the control over the words in memory is great, till now. The final stop is line #2496.

At the current time I'm working on looking for a suitable EXR viewer (and there are some of them out there) to view the HDR pictures saved in OpenEXR format, but it would be nice if the program supported HDR and EXR formats, and yet be light for the memory. Unfortunately, my default viewer, ACDsee, does not support the 32-bit images even in the newer versions. Thus, I have to look for some program that becomes sort of a swiss-knife for wide range of formats. Otherwise, I'm going to need the Photoshop every time I want to view one of those 32-bit images... and Photoshop is no little baby!

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