Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year...

A fierce windy day, that is today! I like such weather despite all the rush and diffusion that accompany such weather. The hard part comes from the people (specially drivers) who dramatize the events. Some slow drivers and some are just crazy drivers causing dangers in the streets... it is one crazy world.
The wet streets gave some nice impressions in the darkness of the early morning hours with lights of houses and the streets and the traffic lights all got reflected from the ground making snap-worthy scenes. Unfortunately, no camera, yet no time to do that in such weather and wind even if I have my camera with me.

I spent last night doing some enhancements and translation work for the brochure that I'm designing for my work place. But actually before this work, I was doing some design for an old photo of mom when she was 18 (I think she got married at 18). I can't say it is really a good design, since I wanted to make it even more a professional-like thingy but with my recent capabilities. I had to fight even with my printer which was like a dog chewing my papers! I framed the printout with a ready-made frame and gave it to mom as a tiny gift to her. She's beautiful, young and old...

After this, I went on doing my own business with me back to doodling again. This time, I had no meeting, but my mental status and my eyes that were closing, and the boring time in the last few minutes at work were unbearable. So I had to resort to that thing;

The Devil's Wife

I don't know why I called it the "Devil's Wife" but so it sounded to me! Does that mean I'm going insane? Hopefully... yes.
But before doing all of that I had to take a shower with plain water when I tried to fix some pipe out of the kitchen. It was changed and fixed, but the price was, wet pants!

Today, the translation yield was 4 verses altogether. Although the "nice" weather makes me sooth out and want to sleep for the sound of the rains, yet I felt some energy to go on and complete some more verses above the count of 2. I think I'm going to take the work back home with me, even though I know I won't be able to work with it much. The ability to memorize as much words as possible while translating is a crucial factor for speed writing and a non-stopped process. Sometimes, looking up a word in the dictionary and checking backward and forward slows me down for some seconds and sometimes minutes! If it is a new word to be made then the delay might become greater than this. I'm sure though there are many mistakes in the Ayvarith translation but well, I'm going to finish this one story and head to do other stuff with it. I guess this is my resolution for the new year!

Of course we don't celebrate the new year, just like we don't celebrate the Christmas as well, but anyway I think I'm allowed to say it to everyone who celebrate those events, so, Happy New Year all of you...

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