Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where is my bed... ?

Apparently for the amazing sleeping system I'm following, I can barely cope with the last 3 hours of my work time. It is the second day now and my colleagues did not show up because of various reasons (or mainly sickness?). It is quiet and I like it that way.
In the mean time I'm working on a model for our coming brochure, and it is supposedly to be on a size of 3-fold A4. My boss sounded happy about it. The hard task though now is to provide an Arabic translation and to fill some white spaces.
I brought my book today with me to read a bit, but it is hard with such heavy eyes. I finished the Panoramic Photography book already, and now I've started to read the last of the three books: The HDRI Handbook. I discovered later on that there is a book for "practical" HDR photography from the same publisher, which might be my next target to purchase.
I have no more pictures at the recent time, and I'm going around the house trying to do some fixing issues here and there and that makes me awake all the afternoon and so tired at night, but yet I can't seem to sleep earlier (specially now with some projects to do about the brochure and mom's picture!). It is so boring though without my camera around to look at at least! Let's hope it goes well with the cleaning process. My friend told me that they would not be responsible for any damage in the sensor!

The translation process for today went on easily somehow though long, since I had to work here and there in the work place. The result was 2 verses as usual, reaching line #2328. It would be nice though to finish with this with the end of the year, but of course this is impossible!
I had plans to go to the movies today, but unfortunately my friend can't do it for today. It is one of the rare occasions that I do really want to go to the movies. I barely watch TV at home! Ah well, a change is needed sometimes...

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