Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where is Canon...!

Today I've been roaming Al-Rai area looking for the service center of Canon. As I said before in a previous post, my sensor needs cleaning. According to my friend's description, the way sounded easy... or so I thought. However, after running here and there and asking many people and everyone got a GPS of their own in their minds that works according to some satellites around Venus or Jupiter but not Earth, I was able to find the service center. The big bang that was waiting for me was, 5 days needed to clean the sensor! I was like what the hell!!! Anyway, I have no choice. Let's wait and in this time, I will try to spend my time playing games, doing photos already taken, and work on the family memories photos! Ah! And just remembered now, I have to do some repairing issues for mom...
Please, shoot me...

One of the images that I forgot about completely yesterday was a panorama of the class room in my work place, and I was working with it in a hurry (amid memory problems in my PC or what it seemed some scripting errors);

CRER - Class Room
The image had lot, lot, lot of errors. However, I guess it is all related to the parallax point. Now, I think I have to spend some time over the net to see if there is a solution (cheap one) away from buying a professional VR head (VR: Virtual Reality). VR heads on a slight check up from some websites might cost way more than $700! No way to buy one, for the time being at least. The parallax error is not a problem when it is done for a field of sight far away from the camera, but it is recommended even in such situations because usually such heads got scales to measure the angles and elevation of the camera, thus it would prevent taking an excess of images unnecessarily in hope to overlap some features in between the images. I believe one of the fewest panoramas that I did, which did not have such problem of parallax (I didn't notice any mistakes till now!) was the field of Aughnanure Castle from Ireland!

Caisleán Achadh na nIubhar (360). Co. Galway, Ireland.

Maybe the parallax error would be minimized to some extent if I spent more time with the stitching program and put my own control points? I don't know yet! In fact, with the new knowledge of some of these softwares, I'm reviving my hopes of some old pictures that I took some time ago for the dome of one of the building from the inside, and I'm hoping to make some magnificent advanced leap with this picture. However, I also think that I should snap this dome again with a different technique with my simple tripod. Hope I won't have any troubles till then, because the first shots were made in summer, and it was a quiet time then, but now, it is somehow an active time. I guess I need to be around in the early morning... in the very early morning!

Looking at my work place now, seems everyone had left and left me alone! Who cares anyway! Feels like a free bird!
The yield for today was 2 verses as usual. Amid my struggle with Al-Rai and going around my work place alone to check the samples, surely this gives me no time to write more, and 2 verses is a way forward push for today. I managed to go around many expressions today in order to get 2 verses done and also got lot of sitbacks because of some mixing in words... I feel my brain tied.

I bought a new frame today, hoping to work out an old photo of mom with photoshop then print it out and frame it, as a little gift for a lovely mother...

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