Monday, December 28, 2009

Bét Harrá...

Been some days away from work and away from most of the activities in my life and for the day of Ashura (which I took a single day leave for yesterday), but today, which happens to be a Monday (yes, a Monday) is a day that should not be considered in a life time. For some reason, I did not hear the alarm and thus, naturally, woke up late at 7:15! Moved out in a hurry and I joined the road's carnival! Almost around 45 (or more than 30 minutes a bit, I really lost my track of time), just to reach my work place, with all that pain in my feet! Now after arrival, I need to find something to eat!
Lot of people mix up between the term "Ashura" and the month of Moharram (first month in the islamic calendar). Thus, just to elaborate a bit about it: Moharram is the first month of the islamic calendar, and Ashura is the term used for the 10th day of Moharram ONLY. It is the day mostly remembered for the Battle of Karbala, where the grandson of the Prophet was massacred with his companions and his household, and the women of his household were taken like prisoners of war. Some people call this month "Ashura" which is wrong.

During the last few days I was busy with scanning some old photos that belonged to mom's collection and most of them were in black and white. I didn't finish though but I finished the majority. I just realized how beautiful mom is. I think by now, I want a girl that looks like her, in everything! I had a problem though after scanning that huge amount in TIFF format; I can't covert them back to JPG. Should've scanned them in JPG in the first place but I was thinking of some "compressing" that might make some data loss here. I hope there is some way around this problem! There is no way I'm going to scan 47GB back again in JPG! Never!
I discovered also that if I scanned the negative form (those negatives from the analog camera exactly as they are), I would be able to flip and inverse the colors back and I would have the original image just by scanning the negative! But, this is not a complete experiment... I need to do further investigation because flipping the colors produces a very bright image which needs some corrections in color to make it normal looking. Let's see what we can do later on!

It had been some days now without snapping anything, and mainly because I'm concerned about the dirty spots that I get in my images. It is clear that I need sensor cleaning. So much to spend on for now and just remembered some promises I made for some people, to lend them some money. I guess I have to rely back on my visa for a while, again. I might try to go to Canon's headquarter for services, and ask them to clean the sensor, but I just hope that doesn't take a day or two, because I'm totally out of mood for such a task.

I was doing some surfing the other day and I've discovered that I might indeed have what's called "ADHD" or the (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). I don't know if it is that bad, although according to some "screening" test (that should not be taken seriously), I do have some of this ADHD. Maybe this is obvious in my lack of patience specially when it comes to focusing on doing a task for a long time.

The yield for today is 3 verses, reaching line #2232. Can't wait to finish all of this! However, the word for today is "bét harrá" [Ankh: beyt hurWa] as you can see, which stands for "sail" (of a ship). The literal meaning is "house of air" and it points out to the mission of the sail of collecting the air to push the ship. Beside this word, I had to make out a word for "sail" as a verb, which I modelled after the word "sea" and became (baħam) [Ankh: buxuM]. Notice that the word for "sea" is (bħím) [Ankh: bxyM]. Also, the noun form of "sail" was modelled after "sea" and became (baħámah) [Ankh: buxamuH].
I can't imagine the amount of words that I've made up so far by translating this last part of the story of Alexander, and that makes me think of the hard work needed to put them down in the dictionary!
Please, shoot me...

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