Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It was one of the worst days that I had to live. Not really the worst, but let's say "one" of the worst. A meeting that was full of useless talk generally from one guy, and that took over my time to do other things, like writing this blog! (Which I deem more important than attending a meeting).

The usual activity when it comes to a meeting for me...

The thing that made me rage in fact is when I had my complete confidence and dependance on someone, to give me a phone call to get me out of the meeting, yet he never did after all the guarantees he made to me. Although I'm trying to find a suitable excuse for him, but I can't neglect the fact that I was screwed because of this.

Amid this, I didn't take new photos, but working already on some of those I took around our center's building. I discovered that some of them could be better with fixing the position of the camera a bit to make the picture somehow balanced. But since  I woke up one hour late from my usual time, I was not able to do much and not in mood to take much with me, so I didn't bring my camera for today.



These two photos are for a ramp that leads into my work place. Since it is a useless ramp and thanks to the administerative people for their silly paper work, I decided to make it useful for once at least with a photo. You might ask yourself, how such a photo is useful, well the answer would be "I don't know". In fact such photos are used mainly for patterns and backgrounds, and also to add some effects on other photos (or facial photos). People who used to read tutorials somehow about some photoshop effects would know some of such effects with layer blending tricks.
The photo above was composed by joining 6 images by Exposure Fusion, divided into 2 groups of 3; One group with tungsten WB in 3 bracketed exposures, and the same for the other group which was under Shade WB. The original image was darker so then I worked on some "narrowing" for the Levels (of highlights and shadows) in each of the RGB channels, and thus producing the other lighter and brighter image. But I tend to like the darker one more. I'm not an optimist that such image might be accepted by stock sites (specially a site like fotolia who can barely accept me as a human being...), but I shall give it a try.

Because of the screwed mood yesterday, I don't feel like translating anything for "today," but instead I went out from work roaming the roads doing some chores. I needed to change the air little bit and not face much people in this place where I work. I went on for making new glasses and found out that in a year almost, my sight had been degraded from -1.00 to -2.00 for the right eye, and from -1.25 to -2.25, for the left. One more year and I hope it won't be down even to -5. The guy in the glasses shop also advised me NOT to do the laser surgery for my eyes, for now at least, because it is risky and yet I don't need it, not till my sight gets down to -6!

I think I will be busy for some time "at work!" to fix some text and design the brochure that will introduce the center (i.e. my work place).

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