Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It is finally here! The translation of Alexander's story the 6th part is over! WOHO!
I won't say it is without mistakes of course and the lines are lesser than 3000 after I've discovered many mistakes in the order of numbers, but it is a relief to finish all of this! The total was 125 pages! My hand hurt so badly while trying to type this entry because I was speed-writing and tryin to finish everything before I leave my work place, and I don't want to leave without typing something for my blog here.

Now other load of stuff to come in, basically, the transliteration and along with that I suppose there would be lot of corrections as well. Then, we have to add the new created words into the dictionary, and maybe while doing the previous tasks I would search and think about some new way to establish the webpage back again somewhere! Uh, one stress after another!

I'm reaching some interesting parts in my reading about HDR and I think there are loads of information that I need to consider from now on when I work with HDR images in the future... near future. Anyway, it is time now to get back home and read the new Flash manual a bit and see what I can do with it! By the way, never play with a Flash without wearing sunglasses. This is just a bit of an advice, take it or leave it, on your own risk!!!

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