Monday, January 18, 2010


Finally! My dedicated-Flash from Canon is here!!!
It was kind of a tiresome day but after all, with this Flash I think I should crown this "Monday" with some success! But, that doesn't mean the day didn't pass with no problems of course...

First thing in the morning, I've noticed that my colleague forgot some device OFF and did not turn it ON since yesterday, and that makes our work lags one day further. I pinned that down in the log book of the device and I wonder if he saw it even.
On the other hand, I'm trying to speed up my pace with the translation of the story of Alexander as I'm reaching the end! I expect that I would finish the story translation before the arrival of this next weekend!

By noon time I was tracking my shipment to see that it got over with the damn inspection so fast (ironically a shipment of books took about 3 days or 4 just to finish the inspection with those damn people). Thus, when I read in the tracking system that the shipment is awaiting for me to pick it up, I hurled down the streets and off to the DHL pickup location. The charges were 16.500KD, and I paid them happily with my visa. Since it is Monday, things shouldn't go as easy as that! No Way Sir! So, after getting back to work I got a call back from the guy behind the desk and told me that he charged me only 8.500KD instead of 16.500KD! So, since I'm a good guy and a sincere one, I had to go back after lunch at home and pay the rest eventually.
And now, the flash is all mine and I have to do a long process on learning how to use it and some tips about using this flash creatively as well (and not just aiming in all directions). This flash is Speedlite 580EX II from Canon. I didn't imagine it would be massive as much as that! The camera feels heavy when I fix it in the flash shoe on the top of it!

Speaking of processes I'm working on more images from Ireland and still on the same folder (folders are categorized according to the date of the shoot). It's been more than one week or two and I'm still working on photos from this folder that belongs to October 1st, 2009. The Second day for my arrival to The Waterfront. I discovered that there are some amount of panoramas that need to be stitched as well and that, eventually, expands my time for this folder. Many pictures had been prepared already and a small version of those were put in my Photobucket to send them later by email, however, Canstockphoto is accepting most of them, and that, makes me happy! You can check the photos that had been submitted lately by checking my profile at Canstockphoto (click the signature at the end of every post). No need to stuff this entry with images just now!
There had been some drawbacks however, since Canstockphoto had asked me to identify two plants that I've snapped from Ireland and I just don't know their names, otherwise, I can't re-submit the photos back.

One of the panoramas that I've stitched lately got a serious problem in size and my memory capabilities, and in the tones that I could produce. Photomatix is not letting me go further with processing the image and finalize it and save it, while Photoshop needs a professional to produce the perfect curve for tone-mapping and get a nice contrast. Chromatic aberrations are another issue in this image. I wonder if I should just forget about it as a whole anyway...

Well, I'm coping hardly to stay awake at this time and I really don't know how I'm typing this, but I'm doing it! Guess I'm going for a cup of coffee, again.
Note to self: do not cut mostache and beard to tiny hair.

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