Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alexander 4, V4.

It sounds that however and how much ever sleeping I get, it is always hard to get up for some reason! I slept almost 10:30 p.m. yesterday and this is considered an early time for me, but yet, it was hard to get up this morning. Anyway, it was not so late to stuff around the house before I leave.
Still working on my experiment for working in the darkness and taking pictures of my censer (or scenter as I called it before). Still not so-good results. For this reason I went over the manual again and I think I would need some extra tools that I have to put them on my wishlist for the coming months to be purchased, and these are some tools to trigger the flash remotely (wireless or by cord). I went to check Canon store near by, and unfortunately for me, I think I came earlier than usual (as usual) and the store was closed. Anyway, I think they wouldn't have such tools, and if they do, it would be triple the original price. As for the time being I would continue to use the mounted flash as it seems.
Pointing my flash to the roof was not a bad idea, but yet, it did not give the results I'm seeking. More to that, the flames inside the censer just vanish as if the censer is turned off and no candle is burning inside. Here and there, I've summed many images taken yesterday into HDR, and the usual hard noise appeared;

Censer (tone-mapped)

Tone-mapped image of the censer made by several shutter speeds (~5 shots)

The image looks neat (somehow) when it is small, but in reality it is like my face; full of moles and pimples! The colors look smooth and nice and you wouldn't guess it was taken in a dark room (a completely dark room except of a LCD monitor in the far corner). Yet, unfortunately, the noise covered the whole area. It would be nice if I have the knowledge on how to trigger the flash as desired and when desired, and I'm still working on it, but the thing is, Auto-bracketing for exposure is not available when you connect the flash (or even when using the camera's flash itself). I think I read some where that I can separate the functioning (from Fn functions in the flash itself), so I will have to try again today and see for myself if this will allow me to use auto-bracketing.
On the other hand, there are some nice images taken with a single shot without the necessity of combining into HDR (although HDR is supposedly to have wide range of EVs), but there is always a problem with such shot, specially with my flash mounted on the camera and not placed in some angle;

Censer (one shot)

The Censer taken in a single shot with flash

As you can see, it is somehow OK, but it's lacking lot of aspects that I want to put in this image. The flames inside, as a beginning, are not so bright and pale somehow. The shadows on the right hide some details and do not reveal a unique shape for the censer (as a whole). Finally, there is the annoying reflection of the flash from the lusterous body of the censer. My camera was in portrait position and for this reason, the flash would shoot on the side of the censer and drop a shadow to the right. However, even fixing the camera into landscape position, that would give off a reflection on the main body. The colors and shadows are somehow enhanced with RAW editor of Photoshop, yet, the reflection of the flash is annoying and hard to be cloned out (if not impossible).
I sound a bit lazy now for trying all these experiments and forgetting to continue the work on my collection from Ireland. Anyway, I think 3 photos to be added to the collection and get it ready is a matter that can be done in a matter of 30 minutes to one hour. Thus, I'm postponing this for the time being.

I let go of my imagination about today and wrote another poem and named it after my "beloved" image that I snapped some weeks ago, "The King of Chairs". This picture reminds me (and intended to be so) of the situation that we live here almost everyday and all the paper work that one has to do to even pick his nose off. No offence, but I started to hate administrative people by every passing day. However, posting the poem in some forums here and there seems indeed a hard task (specially if you want to link it to some image!). All these codes started to bug my heads and I had to work on 2,534,599 tabs in my Firefox.

73. with some courage did the men stand up
74. and waiting for what they will be facing
75. and the march into the black heaven started
76. and Alexander viewed strange strings over the trees
77. some of them were tied and some of them were loose
78. and some of them were long and others were short
79.  some of them were made of animal hair
80. while some of them were made of plants
81. and the black birds stood on the branches
82. watching the men of valour going to their fates
83. while the silence was heavier than metals
84. a shout appeared out of no where
85. while one man went missing
86. and the screams of agony hammered
87. and men went missing one by one
88. then one villager shouted with a full mouth
89. "Dogs and Cats! Attacking our backs!"
90. the army turned to the back in a surprise
91. and found out it was in a circe of doom
92. made out by hoards of mutants
93. some of them were like cats and dogs
94. and some of them were like pigs or boars
95. and the shock paralyzed everyone
96. while Chidhwárthí mumbled "I knew it!"

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