Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alexander 5, V6. Last

A headache. I made a mess out of the room again (and it is already a mess in fact). My plants are leaking water (from the bottom of the pot of course) but the trays that I used to hang below them are dangling and shaking and causing water to be spitted out here and there. I need to either fill these holes permanently, or find some other way to fix the trays, and the former seems the better solution. Yet, I don't know how am I supposed to do that.
I got myself a little light-stand that uses halogen bulbs in order to test it and experiment with it in a mini-studio of my own... that is, my poor little room. Unfortunately though, I don't have a proper stand or a tripod or even a monopod to fix it, thus I will just use it on the ground or on a table of some sort. I was going to do all of that yesterday actually, but no halogen bulb was at hand, and no power to stand on my feet even after going here and there.
This said, there are no pictures for today, but hopefully soon I will add some more...

121. the bird showed up and Alexander stopped breathing
122. and the men under water held their swords and got ready
123. and the bird saw the body of Alexander on the water surface
124. it was but moments and the bird was attacking Alexander
125. it was ugly, with eight legs and fangs in the cusp with three tails
126. its sound was furious and shakes the heart of the bravest
127. and from the sky he fell down like an eagle on Alexander
128. and when he approached the water, the men stung him
129. while Alexander worked out with his dagger on the bird
130. the fight was fierce and the water tide was not easy
131. until the men gathered again and attacked as one man
132. and all of them planted the swords in the neck of the bird
133. while Alexander moved his dagger all over his stomach
134. and the bird was finally dead and the village is safe
135. then the old people of the village made a celebration
136. and made new garments for Alexander and his men
137. and Nertus invited Alexander to live among them now
138. since no army is left for him and not much weapons
139. but Alexander asked for the opinion of his nobles
140. and his nobles desired to stay in this village
141. to be among their good old people so they may do good
142. but Alexander decided that he should leave them here
143. and go along his journey, to the middle of the Earth
144. in the place where the Ayvars could be living there

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