Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alexander 5, V5

Sadly enough, I could not resist a nap in the afternoon yesterday. Yes. It is a sad thing because I was going to work with my plants but unfortunately, some people were asleep at that time and I didn't want to make a big fuss, thus I just settled down waiting for them to wake up... and slept while doing that! One day gone without doing anything.
I'm continuing my reading about what is called the "Arabic Parts" and digging further to see what can be seen (or foreseen?) in those relations. I got one program to do most of the calculations for many Arabic Parts itself. I had it a long time ago and I didn't know how to use it and at that time back then, I didn't know what are these really. It is a freeware called Astrolog. It was hard to utilize and use things or set up things around in this little software, but I think I did it correctly this time (by comparison with some other sites that give free natal charts). Since the software has a weird way of producing a text file, I decided to make a print-screen of this long list and paste it here as an image instead of a test;


A very long list with calculated positions of many stuff. I wish I can get some insight into their meaning related to their positions.

After having some tiny pinches and pains on my sides, I decided maybe it is better now to increase my intake of water, since such pains can be (sometimes) related to kidney problems, and the usual thing is, to filter the kidney by drinking water. I finished 1.5 litres today, and that was a great load and a great work, because I had to go to the toilet every 5 minutes!
Some more happy news for today: I washed my car :)... hence, there will be rain soon.

97. Alexander gathered with his nobles and discussed the matter
98. and asked the old Nertus for some help to find wood
99. but old Nertus denied to help with wood because it was sacred
100. because the trees have special memories of their fathers
101. and cannot be cut down by any costs or for any purpose
102. thus Alexander had to think of some other way of help
103. and from afar he noticed some sparkling in the horizon
104. and Alexander asked Nertus about the luster from afar
105. then Nertus answered that this is the great sea of Zús
106. where the world ends to this limit from the south
107. it is where the Tawyátá comes from and where it goes
108. and just then Alexander had an idea to do with his men
109. which required a great sacrifice of souls and courage
110. and he asked Nertus to prepare one hundred great straws
111. and to prepare a skin of a sheep and fill it with air
112. then he asked his men to take the straws and swords
113. while he wore the skin of the sheep and went with them
114. and he dropped himself in the sea of Zús with the skin
115. while his men went under the shallow water with the straws
116. and he poisoned the skin on his body with herbs known to him
117. so if the men did not catch the bird he would poison the bird
118. hours were spent and the men come up and down from the water
119. while Alexander remained on the top of water not moving
120. until the huge bird appeared from above, covering the sun

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