Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alexander 6, V10.

A week that starts off with lecturing and explaining to some highschool students, is not what I call a happy start of the week. Anyway, it went peacefully this time, despite SOME embarassing questions that I could hardly evade. This always makes me think seriously of doing some extra studies in this field just to avoid such questions, but this is something I greatly hate now.
With the lack of objects I've been snapping my face. My mood is screwed up even more to know that my sensor needs cleaning again (which means 5 days with no camera if not more! OMG!).
Anyway, I've noticed a mistake in the post of March 4th, in which I didn't include the verse of that day, so I fixed that now. Lot of verses confuse me greatly.
Now it is the time to think of other stuff to do with my camera...

217. Alexander asked the men to walk behind him
218. one hundred or more they were
219. they walked behind him with fear
220. they did not know what Alexander will do
221. after walking for some distance he stopped
222. and before the volcano he stood firmly
223. then with a roar that left the hearts hollow
224. he shouted the name of Kadmún
225. he asked him to get out if he is a god
226. then something reddish appeared from top
227. and walked down the slope down to Earth
228. and with a hideous smile he said
229. "Alexander, what a long time my dear!"
230. thoughts of the hero stopped
231. and he kept looking strangely to that thing
232. and then he thought what is the meaning of all that
233. then Alexander broke the silence and said,
234. "what does your words mean O devil?"
235. then the red thing with hideous smile said,
236. "you did not change a lot since you were a child,
237. always brave and just, just like your father,
238. and just when I thought I got rid of the two,
239. the son is here in front of me...
240. probably to get revenge for his dead father!"

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