Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alexander 6, V9.

Been a boring weekend. No going out since my friend was sick, and I was trying hard to find something to take pictures of at night, but as usual I was afraid of being caught by cops or security guys. Sometimes, I do seriously hate living here.
After all, I decided to go on working on the buLb mode while driving the car back home. I had to put the camera on the tabloid. Although I think I can fix it on the tripod INSIDE the car and put it just in front of the next seat, but I would certainly need someone with me to hold it for me, otherwise it will flip over with every turn I do with the car.
I got some shots. Not something I would like very much, but they can be useful as patterns of some sort or a texture for something, I called the images Speed Demons (but I was not speeding at all really!);


There are others, but maybe these 2 are the best for me so far. I tried also to "blend-in" several of these images altogether and it was such a mess of lines and colors, like those modern arts stuff or like the foam lines you see in parties, but the tabloid was showing after all and it didn't make a good composition I think, specially that in one of the images the tabloid was shaken (probably when I was moving from one lane to another). I've noticed as well some spots in all images... so it might be another course of cleaning on the way. I just hate this. I really don't know how such dirt got into the camera.
Now with the lack of objects and the limitations of the available public places to snap without a permit or something, I've been thinking of going back to some of the old images that I've created before and trying to enhance them back again with Photomatix and with my new acquired knowledge about HDR composition and other things. But I read some where that it is a bad idea to get back to old stuff again; once you finished something, then forget it and don't look back.
I made some shots of myself today since I don't have much to snap with my camera. I tried to light my face against a black background and the images were turned black and white for some dramatic effect. I've submitted the images already but as usual, I'm not optimistic about them being accept. We'll see...
193. the Shepherds were surprised by this talk
194. in their simple life never heard like it
195. and they thought that Alexander has the key
196. the key of their freedom from this ransom
197. thus Ikilis asked Alexander: and what to do?
198. then Alexander replied: first you have to believe,
199. and from the belief comes the faith,
200. and from the faith come the manners,
201. and from manners you get the might,
202. and with the might you can do good,
203. and by doing good you get blessed,
204. and by being blessed you are strong,
205. and when you are strong you can fight evil
206. thus Ikilis said: oh what long road is that?
207. Alexander replied: long to him who never understands
208. then Ikilis said: then teach us what to do,
209. and by the bless of your god we shall succeed
210. thus Alexander said: my god and god of everyone,
211. come along to teach you
212. thus Alexander taught them the meanings of faith
213. and the order of this universe and who created it
214. while Fulkan Muttere increased with smokes
215. and the Shepherds got scared more than before
216. at that time when Alexander took his Charnagút out

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