Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alexander 6, V19.

It's Thursday! Can you believe it! WEEKEND!

It was a disappointment really. Staying on the roof yeterday before sunset until it was all over and no sign for the promised crescent. Seems the agenda's notes was dedicated more to people with astronomical interests. I do have that interest but I'm just not so deep in it. Professionals got their telescopes I guess. Or maybe, the roof is not a good place amid all that fogged like view. However, I did take some photographs of the sun in its setting with my 55-200mm lens.
What I did was that, I took 3 shots every few minutes totaling 3 shots on 3 times (that is 9 images). With the help of Photomatix, I batch-processed the set, resulting in 3 OpenEXR images. Then with Photoshop I combined the 3 altogether in one image resulting in something like cartoons... a moving sun. Tone-mapping made in 2 ways, the usual; Manual and by Photomatix.
Photomatix Version

Manual Tone-mapping

The noise in the images are really, really, REALLY driving me mad. I still can't recognize whether they are from the lens, or the sensor. But it does seem that the telephone has more of that noise rather than the regular lens (18-55mm). 
The Photomatix version seems nicer to me, despite the noise and spots, but after all I had to add extra adjustment layers for other purposes. The manual tone-mapping produced some effect like a silhouette, but I was surprised then that when I added some adjustment layers to fix the hue of the image that some banding occured. I saved the image that way anyway. I'm not interested in fixing it for now. But this experience made me think of possible shots in the future, for the sun or moon, or for any other movement to snap.

I've been working as well with a photo of my eyes, and I produced 2 images from the same RAW file. I'm not sure they are good for stock sites but I'm going to try my luck anyway.

I called them the "beast eyes" or simple, The Beast. The two images are not produced by bracketed exposures (although originally, I did it for that purpose to compose an HDR later on). I felt like working with the brightest image on that sequence of 3 images. Of course the image you see here is a result of extensive editing, otherwise it would sound more like a dull image, wouldn't it? I'm thinking of submitting the latter for the stocks, but I think my chances are somehow less than 50%, since stock sites deal with the noise or grains as a form of noise always, and not an expressive style. I've tried it already with the images of me giving different facial expressions. Canstockphoto accepted them, while Bigstockphotos refused them for the grains.

Well, not much had been done to the transliteration today. Let's see the fuss next week with the visit of the Ambassador!
433. then the hero prepared for his long journey
434. he took food and water and the blessings from the shepherds
435. and went on to the north over the deserts
436. where he encountered many ruins
437. many castles and many wells of no use
438. just left for the sands to be eaten
439. just like Qafra or even worse
440. and some days passed away until water became scarce
441. then the hero glanced from afar some signs of living
442. amid the sand storm he was trying to view clearly
443. but his power did not help him stand up against the wind
444. and with the heat of his body he had to give up
445. and he closed his eyes and fainted
446. he did not feel a thing until he opened his eyes
447. to find himself in a tent which the wind played by
448. and no one beside him except of a bowl of water
449. he almost wanted to drink that water
450. his throat was sore and felt like thorns
451. but he couldn't drink the water in the bowl
452. for it smelled strong and made him dizzy
453. and while he was gazing around trying to understand
454. when suddenly the tent ripped open
455. and a huge built man-like creature got inside
456. but the hero did not find his sword to grasp

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