Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alexander 6, V18.

After a sickening day, I really can't imagine myself back home yesterday and STAYING awake until almost 12 a.m.. Jams, jams, jams, they were every where! After heading back home I had a gush of blood going out from my nose for some time, and I think it's all related to the high blood pressure.
 According to the agenda, where some astronomical data are given, there is supposedly a nice view in the sky for the crescent pointing upward (i.e. like a U), and Venus should be to the south of it. The observation takes place at the time of the setting of the sun, thus, it is a job for a super "fat" hero like me to go up to the roof again today. Let's hope this day passes with easiness and I can get back home with a sound mind and muscles. I will try to catch the scene with my simple telephoto (55-200mm).

I have some screwing up at work. The German ambassador is visiting us, and you can imagine all the type of fuss that will go around by next week. Also, in such a day I think no more transliteration work would be suitable at all. I have to get into one of my suits as well. I think my life shall be paralyzed. Not that it bears much important things as I go almost through the same routine every day, but the fact that I have to be formal and bear the consequences of every movement possible in front of the guests is just an idea that I can't bear within my "small" mind. I would prefer if they told me "please bring your camera to snap the ambassador," I think that would be a much greater idea. Needless to say also, how much security procedures will go on. My office is a mess here (just like any bachelor guy), and that should be soon fixed before their coming next Wednesday. One of my professors will be there as well and he knows that I used to learn some German, I just hope he won't press on me with that topic, as I've forgot a lot of my German language skills really!

Today, I thought of another change to the way I transliterate the Ayvarith text, and this time, it has nothing to do with the letters or phonemes, but with the way I should write down the prepositions (some of them). I've noticed myself that I tend to write some prepositions, when connected to small words, that I use the hyphens "-" or I just stick it to the word as one thing (like how it appears in the Ayvarith text itself).
going through it, and of course lot of the texts that I've made awould require such fix, but all might come later anyway as it is not a big issue for the time being. I made out a certain rule that I will try to follow for the next period of transliterating.
The rule is that, when the word, the transliterated word, is less than 4 letters in length, then the preposition before this word (in case of any) shall be sticked without a hyphen and become like one word, with keeping the letter that signified the beginning of the word capital. Example for that would be like this:
1. Because of: (old) li-kay, (new) liKay.
2. In something: (old) ba-mší, (new) baMší.
3. Like (similar to) him: (old) ka-hú, (new) kaHú.
4. Why: (old) li-maz, (new) liMaz.

Some exclusions are there, like "and" (vi) which is not a preposition in fact but I was thinking seriously about it because it is also a short prefix that come before words in Ayvarith. However, I shall leave it as it is. Some other prepositions are not to be touched, like "on" (ąél) and "to" (él). They are already separate in Ayvarith and no need to stick them already. The first goal was, when the hyphen was added, is that when a person reads the Ayvarith text and its transliteration, a reader would understand that this is a preposition and not part of the word. Now and in order to occupy less space, it is better to remove the hyphens a bit I presume, except for "and" which will remain as it is.

Trying to keep busy with something, I pickd my camera downstairs and I tried to catch something. Nothing was good or better than trying to find a suitable eye and a suitable position. In fact it was so hard to do this with my 18-55mm lens, but well, it did some nice job after all I guess. I took a self picture for my own eyes and in FEB (Flash Exposure Bracketing), and I snapped my sister's as well in the same way. I can't probably post her eye's image here (I didn't get her permission) but well, I can post mine I suppose.

The image here had been tone-mapped in a hasty manner of course, but I like the "were-wolf" look to it. At home, however, I'm still working on more of a "regular" version of the image (i.e. RAW image file editing). With no tone-mapping. Might post it here later on.

I think I'm going to kill one of the janitors...

Happy St Patrick Day
Lá Pádraig Shona Duit
409. Ikilis thought for some moments and then said
410. "in the old papers that my ancestors kept,
411. there is one line I do remember clearly,
412. it was a weird line but it could be useful to you"
413. and the hero asked about the line like a hungry man
414. and Ikilis replied: "when the full moon over Daynur,
415. becomes reddish in its light and hue,
416. then watch the shake of Uhir Daynur,
417. it is then you will have the Ayvar bless"
418. Ikilis went silent and Alexander as well
419. then Alexander watched the setting sun in the horizon
420. and looked back at Ikilis and said: any ideas?
421. thus Ikilis replied: maybe I have one idea but not very useful,
422. if you are able to set a journey to the east,
423. where the nomads of Beten Yamta live,
424. just between the two waters of middle Daynur,
425. an old friend of mine lived there for a long time,
426. but I cannot say he is alive still,
427. he was a wise man more than myself,
428. and he joined the nomads to study them,
429. go there and ask for Ázilis if you will
430. and the speech of Ikilis was over
431. and the hero prepared for the next journey
432. between the two waters, to Beten Yamta

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