Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alexander 6, V17.

Today, I decided to make a major leap in the way I transliterate Ayvarith text (i.e. putting the pronunciation into Latin letters). This change will affect the speed of my work in typing it (I use OpenOffice V3.1 currently), and also, it will help somehow with some places where some underline options are not available, like here in this blog text box. I will have to bear this in mind the next time I set my own homepage again for Ayvarith.
They are mainly 2 specific changes for the transliteration of (Fricative-Pharyngeal-Unvoiced) [IPA] which represents the Arabic equivalent of "ح". The other change was for (Plosive-Alveolar-Unvoiced, Pharyngealized), which represents the Arabic equivalent of "ط". Before this time, I used to put them as underlined-H, and underlined-T, respectively. But now, I do prefer to use "ħ" and "ŧ" respectively. Although the second symbol was assigned previously for the sound of (Plosive-Retroflex-Unvoiced), which I like to call sometimes the "Indian T," but now I think I will assign the underlined version for this sound instead. The Indian-T sound has a symbol in Ayvarith, but I deem it as some voice used for foreign words that are not of original Ayvaric roots. Of course it is a conlang, but I do make up the words in a specific patterns related to Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic. Foreign words here are meant to be words that are adapted directly from the other languages and embedded directly into the Ayvarith context, like "Electron" for example which was transliterated into "iliçŧarú" (the underlined letters here are pasted not typed directly into this box, that's why they show up here but I can't type it!) - before this time. Such letters are not used much, thus I think it is better to use the underline for such voices and letters rather than a unique separate letter. I better reserve such unique letters for the Ayvarith itself. The whole system of transliteration seems to be changed right now.

Today, I played a lovely prank for fun... on myself of course and nothing else. I had to go to the DHL facility twice to give my shipment to Ireland of printed photographs. The first time I went I just discovered that I don't have the address paper with me, thus I had to drive back to my work place and get the paper and back again to the DHL. A LOVELY trip in the streets of Kuwait. I don't want to talk about how many accidents I was going to do. The place sucks really, I just wonder what kind of engineer that designed such a place. In the meantime, I hope the shipment is delivered peacefully to the Waterfront owner with no delays or any bad events along the way, like the previous shipment (the one that got broken on the way). I was disappointed a little though because there were no special offers for shipments to Ireland, regarding it is the month of St Patrick day. I've seen special discounts for the national days of Australia, Morocco, Egypt and some others, but I didn't see anything for Ireland. I wonder though, do they reckon that this country exists!?
I finally got an email about my shipment, and it was finally processed by this morning and given to the UPS. I paid extra money just to have a fast delivery to my US mailbox and then what? I got a delay in the process itself. Ah well. Let's see how much I'm going to pay now for the delivery of these items (providing no problems with the stupid customs office, or inspection).

385. O dear king, they say those Ayvars live for a thousand
386. and never die until one of them get a thousand kid
387. the pious of them is better than an angel
388. and the devilish of them is worse than a devil
389. they posses the knowledge of all the languages
390. and they inhabited the Earth long before us humans
391. from their knowledge, all sciences come out
392. and from their prayers you can hear the wind's whistle
393. in every full moon and on the tenth of Ráfi
394. they know the meaning of time and how it started
395. and they know the meaning of wisdom
396. then when Ikilis finished his speech about Ayvars
397. Alexander asked him: they are not human beings?
398. and Ikilis replied back: yes they are, but were here before us,
399. O hero, you have been to many lands and battles,
400. do you believe indeed such legends of old?
401. then Alexander looked with an affirmative look and said
402. "you do not know what is awaiting,
403. and be sure I did not  come here by my own,
404. so tell me O good man, anything you know in your legends,
405. about the way where they live, or how to find them?
406. I roamed the lands and dreams did not stop,
407. I have to find them even if it was my death,
408. there are secrets that I should know"

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