Monday, March 15, 2010

Alexander 6, V16.

My sleeping time had been screwed again. With my powerless efforts to stay awake till 9 p.m. yesterday all failed and I finally fell down at around 6:30 p.m., and thus, here I am, awake since 1:30 a.m. . It's not all bad actually, the only thing I'm concerned about is being here in my work and staying awake for a long time. I might end the day with having a short leave and never come back to do the damn fingerprint scanning.
I spent the night until the rise of dawn working on photos and fixing them according to specific sizes and made them ready to be printed out, and later shall be sent to Ireland. It's going to be costly; around 9 images on A4 size, 2 on A2 size and one on A0 size. The last one is the Aughnanure Castle disk. I'm not experienced with the printing process though, and I might see them getting darker since these printers usually use the CMYK system and images tend to be darker. Just thinking about it now, maybe I should've done and prepared everything in CMYK? Blah!

In order to put some meaning into my life, I've went to the barber to fix this hair then to the printing shop (not a press but a printing shop). The previous damned barber made a fuss out of my hair that I think he was a gardener before being a barber. This is the first time I see some barber who, literally, pulls the hair instead of cutting it! I've promised the guy in the printing shop to come after the prayer's time. I hate to go out at this time but well, I can't wait all that time over there... I'm an honest worker and they need me in my work place :) (said who?). Moreover, I've told the guy to enlighten the images a bit since they are going to be darker if they are printing in CMYK. Although I'm afraid of the consequences of not supervising it myself, but let's say I have the faith to lead me through. If an image is so dark, darker than usual, well, I'm going to have to send it that way after all. And may they forgive me!
I reached the lines of 1500s in my transliteration. Transliteration sounds easier of course than translating before, but still, I can't do more than 2 pages (verses) per day. I tend to finish these 2 verses and enjoy my time for the rest of the day as much as I can, or, do other obligations related to my work here. I want to progress more with Ayvarith, and to start a new webpage, but since my time working on Ayvarith is only in my work place (which means I work on it 5 days only, and in the daytime), everything is actually slow. After the transliteration I have to think of building a new webpage and also I need to add new words to the dictionary before that. My time in the morning is devoted to Ayvarith, otherwise it is devoted to photography and gaming. I remember my old days though, when I started with Ayvarith like 3 or 4 years ago, when I used to work on it day and night. Well, back then, I didn't have a Canon in my hands! :)

Well, I'm posting this earlier than before, since I have to leave the office in almost one hour from now. I leave you with Alexander for now...

361. then Alexander asked Ikilis the shepherd
362. about the reasons behind his laughter
363. thus Ikilis answered with a smile on the face
364. "O great king, one of the justice and might,
365. we heard a lot about the Ayvars from ancestors,
366. but we always take them as some legends,
367. some legends, that elders tell their children about,
368. but to see a mighty man like you take the risk,
369. going here and there in search for them,
370. I cannot say but that such a thing is amazing,
371. and I never thought of before or saw before!"
372. then Alexander took a moment to think then said
373. "did you not meet the hermit on the southern Tells?
374. he claimed that he is the grandson of the Ayvars!"
378. and Ikilis answered directly: you mean Náwi?
379. he is merely but an old man hallucinating I suppose!
380. then Alexander asked Ikilis to tell him something about them
381. and then Ikilis started to tell some of the legends he heard
382. and he said: many things are told about the Ayvars,
383. so much that you need days to know it all at once,
384. but I shall tell you what I have in my mind right now

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